Best Grain Free Dog Food Update 2021


Thinking about grain-free dog food, most dog owners will only imagine about the food with “all meat” content and even the cheap meats from the farms of secondary products like milk or egg, which is fully sold out there in the current market for saving cost. However, the trusted brands will invest more money to … Read more

Best Low Fat Dog Foods Update 2021

Best Low fat dog food

Are your dog getting overweight recently? If yes, you may have to check again the fat ingredient in your current dog food and reduce the feeding amount or another way is to switch to a low fat dog food. Another case that is compulsory for a low fat diet is your dog gets one of … Read more

Best Organic Dog Foods Update 2021

best organic dog food

Just like people, your dog will thrive and live a longer, healthier life if they could be fed organic food.  To start feeding organic, you should understand what is organic dog food. Generally, organic food could be understood as the food which is grown and handled without using artificial or synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. … Read more

Best Raw Dog Foods New Update 2021

best raw dog food

Going with the trend in human food searching for something more natural and organic, there is also a new trend in dog feeding with raw diets. It is the practice of feeding your pets with uncooked meat, edible bones, or organs. Some people only think of feeding dogs raw food at home without knowing that … Read more

Best Senior Dog Food New Update 2021

best senior dog food

As a dog gets older, obesity, arthritis, cognitive & appetite loss shall become common problems. Thus, your dogs need special food to reduce those troubles’ effects and help them to extend their lifespan and live a more comfortable life. Because senior dogs are so various in individual needs, there are also so many varieties of … Read more

Best Dog Food For Allergies

best dog food for allgeries

Just like people, dogs also have from light to severe symptoms of allergies. Common types of allergy are flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy and environmental allergens. Below are common symptoms of allergic reactions: Itchiness Hives Swelling of the face, ears, lips, eyelids, or earflaps Red, inflamed skin Diarrhea Vomiting Sneezing Itchy ears Chronic ear infections … Read more

Top 9 Best Dry Dog Food Update 2021

best dry dog food

How well have you survived the quarantine time in 2020 thank to your dog’s company? Let us help you to filter some of the best dry dog food to boost your companionship and create special moments with them. Don’t let your fur-iends suffer and your cortisol level up with wrong choices of China originated cheap … Read more

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs are nearly able to digest almost everything, even a toilet paper roll, while, others are not able to digest certain kinds of food. Those dogs are dogs with sensitivities. Common sensitive stomach situations are vomiting, loose stools, and flatulence. If those symptoms are severe, call your vets immediately because it could be signs … Read more

Best Dog Food For PITBULLS You Should Know

Best Dog Food for pitbull

When choosing food for pit bulls, the most important factor is protein. A protein-rich formula will help to fuel pit bull’s strong body mass and their active life. Besides, healthy fat for promoting their skin is also very important because this breed is more prone to allergies. With all those characteristics, pit bulls need special … Read more

Best Dog Food for Huskies You Should Not Miss Update 2021

best dog foods for huskies

With a thick coat for protecting them from the cold and an endurable medium-sized body, they are very friendly, fastidious, and dignified dogs. The female weight normally ranges from 35 – 50 pounds and the male normally ranges from 45 – 60 pounds. Thus, with all those characters, our cool mates need a quite high protein … Read more