Imagine starting a journey with the best car seat covers for dogs

Driving your puppy somewhere with a view to experiencing an outdoor adventure can turn any bad day into amazing moments of bonding between you two. But without a long-lasting seat cover for your vehicle, the journey can in no time turn into hours on the end of vacuuming and scrubbing for sure. Thus, so as to keep your car from being worse for the wear, I will introduce the best car seat covers for dogs to minimize the mess as well as keep your dog safe on the road, making sure you two have a whale of a time.


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Top 6 best car seat covers for dogs [Updated 2021]

Top 1: OKMEE 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover

Plus points:

  • Large for more than just a dog: It is such fantastic scenery when seeing your kids love being around your dog too, they can play with each other, cuddle your little dog all the summer break that you generally don’t have to hire any baby sister to keep an eye on them, maybe. That is no longer just imagination anymore because this car seat cover can do such for sure.
  • Durable and waterproof: How can you ensure that dogs will never pee on your car seat or your kids will never do the same thing, too? Every once in a while, unexpected things may happen and there is no way around it but stick to the handling process that may cause you to feel exhausted after a long working day. This product, however, can help you out by a cover made of high-quality enhanced stitching, and resistant to scratches as well as tears and any type of water and will last longer than usual.
  • Easy and quick to install and clean: Even if you consider yourself an indolent person who always avoids cleaning and the like when it comes to dog-related stuff, you actually feel relaxed using this car seat cover, since it is easy to install within around 60 seconds and also the same to clean up.

Minus point:

  • The zippers are not really high-quality, the one separating the seat breaks at the slightest tension.

Top 2: Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

Plus points:

  • Large and highly-protective: This product covers the entire back seat and protects your car against scratches or mud perfectly. Just feel relaxed driving him everywhere on the Earth, whether you love the scent of cherry blossom of Japan, or you lean towards the horizontal skyscrapers of Chicago; because you both will never get disappointed with the cover.
  • 100% water-resistant: Water, for human beings, is the source of survival, but, for leather or a couple of plastic-based materials, it is nothing but the most powerful enemy. Don’t worry about your car being soaking wet anymore as this cover is one-hundred-percent resistant to water, meaning that you and your dog will enjoy the most cheerful moments being together without concern related to replacement or maintenance too.
  • Non-slip: This pet seat cover features a non-slip surface to keep your dog from slipping every time you apply the brake, thus, feel free to drive your car but don’t forget to conform to safety instructions and just chill out.

Minus point:

  • You may need a lot of effort to zip the sides for the reason that it is super small.

Top 3: Vailge Bench Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

Plus points:

  • Larger for funnier time: Not only humans but dogs also love spacious cars, as they can feel comfortable on any journey. With this car seat cover, every trip would certainly be an unforgettable experience for your little four-legged friend, as it is compatible with large dogs needing more room.
  • High-end design: It costs you an arm and a leg to purchase such a grant as a car, but a cover can make or break an item, especially when it comes to design. This product gives me a sense of pleasure every time being on a go, as it features a classic and elegant look, satisfying every critical customer, of course including me.
  • Easy to install: Struggling hours on end just so as to install a car seat cover? No, just say “no” to that complicated and exhausting process, as this product will ensure far easier installation, it even takes less than 1 minute to finish having your car seat covered well.

Minus point:

  • The material seems slippery, hence, it occasionally slides all over the back seat and your dog slides off if you all of a sudden need to brake.

Top 4: ACTIVE PETS Bench Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

Plus points:

  • Comfort layers: Just be oblivious of those cheap dog car seat covers for back seats that literally ruin your seats and are completely useless just after several hours of use – those days are over, believe me! Four unique layers of this product will create an impenetrable water-resistant barrier between your seats and your dog, protecting your seats from mud, water, and fur, while still deterring slip and enabling your pet to feel as comfortable as home.
  • Easy to clean after use: With these dog seat covers, cleaning will never be a nightmare anymore, because just by vacuuming or wiping with a damp cloth, your cover will be as good as new in a flash without much effort.

Minus point:

  • For some types of cars, the product may be too big to fit with the furniture inside. 

Top 5: Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

Plus points:

  • Highly-adaptable: No matter what size your car is, this car seat cover will be a good fit, anyway. Don’t let your dog feel self-deprecating in any circumstance just because he is a bit overweight, as this cover is meant to suit well with every type of dog, ensuring the safe moments of you both.
  • Good customer service: The bigger the brand, the more reliable its customer service is. A couple of manufacturing defects are unavoidable, but the attitude and the convenience lying in the handling process, that matters most. I am absolutely satisfied with how I got a new product and how I was cared for by the very professional specialists here.

Minus point:

  • The additional liner at the bottom is not thick enough, so if you have a dog fancying to stand up and move around at all times, chances are you have to consider more. 

Top 6: URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

Plus points:

  • Durable: Made with heavy-duty polyester for durability, this product is a perfect option for those considering a long-lasting cover that is scratch-proof. If you are one of them, I highly recommend this.
  • Easy to clean: On a sunny day, you and your little friend will be sharing a day off together happily. However, how to handle it if he suddenly pees on the cover? It wouldn’t take you much time as the cover itself is easy to clean and you can continue your trip within less than 5 minutes for sure.

Minus point:

  • It cannot fully cover the portion where your back is. 

How to choose the best car seat cover for dogs?

You should measure the car seats:

Before moving forwards, it is vital to measure the car seats. It is obvious that most dog car seat covers feature universal size, but normally, they are too narrow for a couple of car seat models, and in spite of descriptions, do not fit every vehicle as well. If you drive a spacious SUV or a truck, it is advisable that you purchase the extra-large models in the sense that the standard size won’t be big enough in spite of what the manufacturer advertises.

Decide where you wanna place the cover:

There are generally 4 types of covers, ranging from hammock-style, bench-style to cargo liner, and front-seat cover as the last one. Hammock-style, as well as bench covers, are basically installed in the back seat and for the most part, can be used on the cargo area too.

But, for the front seat, there is a high likelihood that you need a special cover or one with zippers that enables size adaptation.

Check durability and maintenance for sure:

It can be the most expensive car seat cover in the market; however, if it doesn’t feature upgraded stitches as well as a well-quilted structure, it will fall apart right after only several uses. You need to ensure the cover is durable and well-designed enough to last long. Also, always check carefully on how it should be washed. The best choices are machine-washable covers for your dogs.

You should consider multi-colored seat covers and waterproof materials:

This is absolutely the most essential feature when considering dog car seat covers. One sheet of material will never be enough; it has to be structured so as to keep the moisture and dirt away from your car seat for the most part. If so, the best materials are Oxford 600D treated cotton as well as polyester, you can be mindful of which. 

Best car seat covers for dogs FAQs

Who is a car seat cover for a dog suitable for?

Dog owners who frequently travel with their pets should definitely have a car seat cover. Also, dogs love getting muddy, dirty, and wet, and even once in a while, you cannot keep the mess from happening. With that in mind, it is, hands down, better to be well-prepared and carefully cover your car seats with high-end materials. 

How to protect leather seats against a dog?

In order to protect the leather seats, you certainly need to buy a heavy-duty cover. The best solutions are always at least four-layer dog seat covers that can be scratch-proof and water-resistant simultaneously. It is a good idea to use several leather-protecting products to produce a protective film over your seats, just in case you need…

How to easily install a car seat cover?

First, you need to unpack them, and thoroughly place them on the car seat, so that the non-slide side is made sure to be down. Then you have to push the seat anchors into the crevice, then gradually take the headrest straps, carefully buckle them around the head pillows of the front as well as back seats, and voila! You have been ready to go. A couple of covers have openings for seat belts, thus, I suppose you should put the buckles through these holes to attach the seat belt safely.

Is it really a need to purchase a car seat cover?

No, actually I got to say no, it is all dependent on your budget and your intention. However, if possible, you should. There’s the choice of using specially made dog car seats too. Practically speaking, it’s probably a not-too-bad idea to use those if you own a large, excitable dog who can’t sit still on rides during every trip. And better still to use a car seat cover in tag-team action in the event that your dog also tends to lose control of his bladder unexpectedly. For smaller, and more placid dogs though, a booster seat, personally sharing, can be unnecessary – and substantially more expensive too.

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