Best chew bones for dogs can entertain your furry friends

Giving your dogs with the best chew bones for dogs can be a good action to treat your dogs.

If you own a dog, then you are probably aware that most dogs, especially high-energy breeds and puppies, need continuous action. Giving their dogs raw bones is a major mistake that some dog owners make. This is a major no-no, which unfortunately can get the dog sick and even have fatal effects. That is the reason why pet owners should have synthetic chewing bones for their pets in the houses. Those bones are specially designed to keep your pets emotionally relaxed, busy, and exercised by the jaw. They are particularly useful for puppies that are teething or hyper-chewing dogs.

For some kinds of dogs, some chewing bones are more fitting. For example, a brittle natural chew would psychologically motivate breeds with sharp canines. We have put together a list of the best chewing bones for dogs to help you make the right decision. Let’s discover the top 5 best chew bones for dogs as follows together!


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Top 5 Best Chew Bones For Dogs 

Top 1: Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

The Benebone Wishbone is ideal for dogs with chewing love and strong teeth. It is easy to handle, tastes like real bacon, and stands up to heavy chewing. We run through the plus and minus points of this toy as follows.

Plus points:

  • It has 5.92 ounces in weight and is made of nylon.
  • It is tougher than real bones; thus, it is durable and long-lasting.
  • Its tantalizing flavor looks like real bacon. This creates the difference to attract the dogs.
  • It is curved for a paw-friendly grip; so that your dogs can catch it rapidly to get a nice chew going.

So, it can be said that the Wishbone has a friendly design to help your dogs pick up and chew easily.

Minus points:

  • It is only suitable for dogs with strong jaws. If pet owners are unsure, they should check with their vet.

Top 2: Dog Rawhide Bones Bulk Bone Chews

This chewing bone is processed in a manner meant for nature, there is just one ingredient, no fillers, no by-products added. Its material is quality rawhide from specially chosen animals adhering to rigorous levels of handling to ensure the protection of your pet. So, when this best chew bones for dogs is described, there are two amazing features as follows.

Plus points:

  • The first awesome feature is healthy and safe. The dog bones go through a stringent method of testing and denial, creating a product that consumers will feel confident about providing to the dogs.
  • The second awesome feature is long-lasting since the dog rawhide bones are crafted from one single thick piece of natural rawhide.
  • Besides, there are 3 sizes for this item which appropriates for multiple dog sizes. The large size refers to dogs above 55 lbs. The medium size refers to dogs 16-55 lbs. And the small size refers to dogs 15 lbs and smaller. Also, it is guaranteed 100% satisfaction from the manufacturer. Otherwise, the purchasers will receive a full refund if required.

Minus points:

  • Rawhide bones are only suitable for: destructive chewers, aggressive chewers, dogs requiring movement stimulation, teething puppies, and dogs that need long-lasting reward treats.

Top 3: Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon Chew Bone

The USA-made Healthy Edibles Bacon Dog Treats are filled with scrumptious flavor, making your dogs so excited. These healthy dog treats, designed with nutrition in mind, are made with natural ingredients and contain additional vitamins and minerals. For sure, pet owners of dogs who love to chew, prefer to purchase this item. This is because not only they are produced from an easily digestible formula, which has no added salt, sugar, and artificial preservatives, but also they can be longer-lasting. Since they can’t break or snap, Nylabones are super-safe and are gentle enough for teething puppies. By combating plaque and tartar, it helps disinfect your dog’s teeth. We run through some plus points for this item as follows.

Plus points:

  • Firstly, it is manufactured with natural ingredients and vitamins added. Also, there are no chemical ingredients, no colors, and no preservatives in chewing treats.
  • Secondly, since it is high in amino acids that better strengthen the immune system and the wellbeing of the joint and bone, it is seen as a healthy dog treat.
  • Thirdly, since it is used for dogs up to 25 pounds, it is capable of longer-lasting and highly digestible formula treats.
  • Next, tasty bacon flavors are added to make the dogs exuberant.
  • Finally, there are several shapes and sizes available which are appropriate for different sizes of each breed, regardless of how large or small the dogs are. Buyers may pick appropriate free-doom chewing bones for their dogs without caring about product shapes or sizes.

Minus points:

  • Although there is a range of product shapes and sizes, it is recommended for dogs up to 25 pounds. Dogs greater than 25 pounds may not be compliant with this item.

Top 4: Purina Busy Real Beefhide Dog Chews

Purina Busy Real Beefhide treats in three layers of goodness are suitable for small or medium adult dogs who love to chew, which keep your dogs happy when eating. One of these adult pet chews, formulated for small to medium-sized dogs, contains layer after layer of Purina Chew-rific’s flavor to keep dogs busy. The outer coats are oats and brown rice that invites the dogs to try the yummy wholesomeness of this fulfilling treat. Then, it is more exciting when the dogs find a middle layer of real beef-hide with a savory flavor they are sure to enjoy. The long-lasting, triple-layer treat keeps the dogs busy and offers them a chewing way. For a simple double-win, this gnaw-able dog chew treat often benefits clean teeth. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this item.

Plus points:

  • The first highlight point is to provide long-lasting fun. With three layers of goodness, it helps your dogs stimulate curiosity and have fun when eating.
  • The second highlight point is multiple sizes for every dog. The purchasers can choose the perfect chew for their puppies. For sure, pet owners can find a Busy Bone that is a suitable size for your dogs, whether your dogs are small, medium or big.
  • The third highlight point is a variety of forms. It can be long-lasting chew bones wrapped with real chicken jerky. Even, it can be easily digestible rawhide alternatives. All products are made with pride right here in USA facilities.
  • The last highlight point is the yummy flavor for every dog. If your dogs enjoy classic chew bones previously made of real meat with savory cores, now they still love this Chewnolas coated as it is wrapped as two outer layers with oats and brown rice and real beef-hide chews as the filling of the treat.

Minus points:

  • Though there are many different sizes, only small or medium adult dogs are suitable for this item. The small and new-born dogs are not aware if this thing suits them.

Top 5: Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide

Beefhide 78128 dog chews from Pet Factory are natural foods, fibers, and treats that will guarantee your dogs’ health growth and development. These are beefhide of high quality and natural, with no added artificial ingredients to ensure the overall health, wellbeing, and enjoyment of your dogs. And these are production targets of Pet Factory. Let’s find out the plus points of this best chew bones for dogs as follows.

Plus points:

  • Firstly, these items are USA-made and exclusive dog chews. Beef-hide braid chews are dog chews that are completely natural and very nutritious. These chews, for sensitive stomachs, are easily digestible and very gentle. The beefhide braids are 7-8 inches in size and very safe as the dog chews. This low-calorie treat contains protein and fiber that is best for the behavioral and oral health of the dog in literary terms.
  • Secondly, these Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide chew braids are healthy, nutritious, and tasty because they don’t contain hormones, fillers, glues, or GMOs. It is also free from any added salt, sugar, soy, corn, dyes, preservatives, or additives. Not only that but also it contains high protein and low fat, which provides your pet with fewer calories as compared to typical dog biscuits. As a result, they are made of a fully natural material that makes them digestible. Besides, these chews are thicker and last longer than other chews.
  • Next, the materials are natural. Flavored Beef-hide Peanut Butter Braid chews maybe a treat for dogs. Since a rigorous GFSI food quality standard is adopted in processing, beef-hide chews are a quality commodity. Combined with flavor, beef-hide chews become a perfect blend. Beef-hide chews contain thicker fibers that result in longer-lasting chews. There are no artificial ingredients and chemicals in the beefhide braids, as well as any preservatives.
  • In addition, it is beneficial to maintain dogs’ health and trigger a healthy chewing habit. It is known as a safe, natural, and certified product that allows your dogs to enhance dental health by scraping the plaque away, lessening the build-up of tartar and preserving gum health, thus keeping the teeth clean. Beef-hide braid chews also meet the purpose of satisfying a dog’s innate chewing urge.
  • Moreover, for any dog, there is an assortment of flavors, shapes, and sizes suitable. There are numerous flavors such as beef, chicken, peanut butter, and all-natural. Also, there is a range of shapes such as bones, rolls, donuts, braids, pretzels, chips, and more. These items have distinct shapes appropriate for all sizes of dogs to meet their chewing needs. For the smaller breeds, the mini-size is used. In the meanwhile, for the bigger and more aggressive dogs, the X-Large size is used.

Minus points: no significant downside was found.

Who and why should buy the best chew bones for dogs?

As aforementioned, people who own dogs, especially high-energy breeds and puppies should purchase synthetic chewing bones for their pets in the houses. This is because they are specially designed to keep your pet emotionally relaxed, busy, and exercised by the jaw. Besides, it is well-known that there are also drawbacks of feeding dogs bones whether cooked or uncooked. Gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, choking, and even death can be caused by raw bones. Therefore, most vets and dog experts believe that it is beneficial to your dogs when for synthetic chewing bones, instead of offering your pet raw bones.

In addition, it offers a lot of advantages for dogs, for example, it also helps to curb issues with behavior. Dogs are natural chewers; so, the owning chewing bones in the houses might avoid digging up the sofa or the corner of the family coffee table from the dogs. Apart from keeping your furniture safe, they can also offer your pets health advantages including:

  • The chewing bones help the oral well-being of your dogs. Veterinary dental professionals believe that chewing bones will help keep the gums of your pet healthy, combined with extracting tartar and brushing away bacteria from the teeth.
  • The chewing bones keep your pets stimulated mentally. Not only can dog bones keep your pet amused, but also they offer neurological stimulation, which is necessary for your pet’s brain to expand and develop.
  • The chewing bones help puppies reduce teething discomfort. This is because teething puppies will need to chew as a way to ease the pain of teething. Chewing bones will provide a constructive way to console your dogs with their teething pain.
  • The strength of the jaw is strengthened by chewing bones. As a way to relax dogs’ jawbones, they naturally feel an urge to chew. Chewing bones can help discourage the action of aggressive chewing and provide sufficient jaw exercise for dogs.

Best Chew Bones For Dogs FAQ

For Benebone Wishbone, do the dogs eat these bones? Are they safe?

Such products are non-edible and should not be ingested. At the very first sign of excessive wear, they should be replaced.

For Dog Rawhide Bone, how big are these bones in inches?

These bones are about 8 and 9 inches long and come in 3 packs. They are quite large and they last for a long time.

For Healthy Edibles Bacon Dog Treats, are they too big for a 20 lbs dog who loves bones and is a big chewer?

For dogs over 50 pounds, we highly recommend these items. The purchasers should check the package to see which size would be suitable for the dog of 20 lbs.

For Purina Busy Real Beefhide Dog Chews, what size are these treats?

Unfortunately, these treats are only available in one size, which is suitable for definitely medium to large dogs. These items are about 6 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1/2-3/4 inch thick.

For Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide, are they not chemically processed? How are they dried and flavored? Is there no glue to hold the braid?

In a refrigerated truck, the hide is shipped to the Chicago manufacturing plant where it is heavily rinsed many times for several hours to remove undesirable properties and return the hide to a natural condition. Then, the hides are cut, molded, and oven-dried to an exact consistency, which creates a variety of rawhide in the markets. The 100% Made-in-USA chews from the Pet Factory are always shipped in refrigerated trucks to stop damage and spoilage.

Basting ingredients are chosen from businesses that cater to the food industry. And these flavored basting is made sure to be safe for your dogs based on USDA and other governmental criteria.

Often the hard transparent content hidden within dog chews is molten collagen produced when a dog chew is subjected to extremely high sun. In the cooling process, the hide simply melds and then re-hardens. This material is safe for your dogs to eat and exempt from any negative symptoms.

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