Best dog dental sprays to protect the oral health of your furry friends

Dog owners seem to be becoming aware of their pets’ good oral hygiene for multiple reasons. From time to time, periodontal disease may pose a hazard to your dog’s health and you need to take action as soon as possible. However, using toothbrushes and toothpaste is not actually enough to clean their teeth and gum, especially when you consider yourself busy. What is the actual solution for this? Let’s have a glance at the top 5 best dog dental sprays that are regarded as the best dog dental sprays for such a question. 


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Top 5 best dog dental sprays for your need

Top 1: Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray

Plus points:

  • Instantly: If you need to wait at least a life to see through a person, you just need several seconds to feel how beautifully fragrant your dog’s breath is. Based on the increasing demand of the customers who have dogs that generally get in trouble with the breath, this product aims to cure your pets’ breath on contact with the powerful breath freshener fast and furious.
  • Easy to use: This product is easy to use because it features a tasty smell that all dogs fancy. The first time I bought home this, my little puppy was excited to be applied and when giving it a go, he was satisfied as such. Dogs generally cannot be too easy on what they are treated, but there seems to be an exception for this spray.
  • Safe: Many customers are not really happy with the fact that companies compromise profits over quality that leads to the addition of loads of toxic substances going into the ingredients. But when it comes to this product, you can be totally free from every single element holistically selected for the production.

Minus point:

  • It may cause a few allergic reactions, of course not actually adverse for dogs, but may get you nervous. 

Top 2: TropiClean Fresh Breath No Brushing Oral Care Gel for Pets

Plus points:

  • Effective: If there were any competition on the speed, this brand probably would not get any place for its products, because simply it provides very effective dental sprays for dogs that need a certain amount of time to take effect. I am certain that it is kinda efficient and can be able to clean plaque and tartar, so if you still prefer the effect, in the long run, this is for you.
  • No brushing required: As a matter of fact, we love pets but not all pet keepers are up for spending plenty of time taking care of their dogs. That requires a whole lot of patience and time simultaneously, so if you are a white-collar worker or absent from home, for the most part, chances are you need assistance from this product also. There is no need for brushing, helping you to save time as much as possible.
  • As easy as pie: In order to use the US-made spray, all you need is to add sprays into your dog’s water bowl then carefully and wholeheartedly spray their teeth and gums around three times a day. You can sing a song, or chill out with Netflix movies while doing such an easy task for your little canine. In the sense that the majority of dogs are infatuated with the spray, this has never been easier.

Minus point:

  • For some sensitive dogs, this product may be related to the reason why they get diarrhea. 

Top 3: Arm & Hammer For Pets Dog Dental Care

Plus points:

  • Not-too-hard-to-use: If you have ever made an attempt to apply a mouthwash or toothpaste on your dog, you are the person understanding how challenging it is. Some dogs repeatedly resist, some dogs cry out, a couple of them even bite you if not careful enough. Such a nightmare. This is the reason why you need a dental spray that soothes your little friend well and aids your task better. Here you are, at the right destination.
  • Greater bonding: Being responsible for a pet is not as easy as many people normally think of. My little girl asked me why I frequently had to spend time on dog stuff while I myself complained about the overload of work almost all the time, I said nothing but told her one word: “love”. I realized that since I started to use this product, as it needs more time allocated to get to know my dogs well, our relationship has been better to a substantial extent.

Minus point:

  • One of the downsides of this is that its price is on the higher side compared to others. However, just a personal sharing, if you are seriously looking for a premium product that will be far more effective, then this is a not-too-bad answer.

Top 4: Dog Breath Freshener – Spray Me

Plus points:

  • Natural but powerful: The development of biotechnology leads to more convenient inventions in the field of medicine-related sprays, but have you ever wondered why humans are still into the use of various natural-associated products? That is because they are not just natural but also still powerful as such, for the best effectiveness. Not being outside the list above, this type of spray gently features a fresh and healthy smile for your four-legged companions.
  • Long-lasting fragrance: If your dog has bad breath relating to other dental diseases, you typically consider taking action at once but seem to forget about some tips of how to keep the pleasant scent last longer after the bad breath has been treated. This is yours. It helps your little friend to remain fresh, clean, and sweet-smelling all day long and obviously gets you two together!

Minus point:

  • In the case that your dog commonly vomits when it comes to something containing a strong aroma, you should be conscious of other solutions instead. 

Top 5: Petlab Co. Dental Wash | Dog Mouthwash & Teeth Cleaner

Plus points:

  • Tasteless: While a host of canines show interest in flavors, for some certain kinds of dogs, tasteless sprays would probably be the number-one option. If you think your dog belongs to the minority as such, you may be interested in this product, as it contains no flavor at all.
  • Highly-effective: With continuous use of dental wash as required by the product, you generally don’t have to worry about keeping distance with your adorable little dog anymore; since it promotes normal periodontal health, and ultimately keeps your dog’s teeth stay healthy and clean for many hours.

Minus point:

  • The manufacturer’s recommendation doesn’t work for many kinds of canines, so you can use way less than they initially recommend to get results. 

How to choose the best dental spray for dogs?

It can be challenging to choose the right one from a range of dental sprays on offer. A dental spray for dogs needs to do a couple of things to consider but the vital consideration should be your dog’s option, which one your dog fancies and enables you to use. There are also several other considerations listed out below that are universal.

  • Safety: Safety should be your first consideration. High-quality and famous brands supply safe and human-grade dog dental sprays for sure. But more affordable varieties at times skimp on quality and might feature dangerous ingredients such as alcohol or artificial fragrances. You should analyze the ingredient list and be sure of the safety while picking a dental spray for your pets.
  • Ease of use: There is a vast variety of dog dental sprays that are super easy to apply. Just directly spray on the outside of your dog’s teeth as well as gums to get an effective result. Occasionally, dogs may not prefer to receive sprays inside their mouth, if so, you can select a spray that works if sprayed on the lip area and sometimes licked off by your dog. Otherwise, you should manage sprays that can be easily added to your dog’s drinking water.
  • Identify the purpose: You probably should identify the purpose of the spray itself. Some are made to eliminate plaque and tartar build-up as well as take control of bacteria in the mouth, others are for promoting freshen breath. Those planning to just eliminate bad breath, not for health benefits in the long run. So, it is better if you consider your dog’s overall periodontal health prior to fixing any other purpose.
  • Intended usage: It is essential to make sure that the spray you are choosing is completely designed for dogs. The ingredients specifically used for human dental sprays are not actually safe for pets and you should always avoid the hazard. Some sprays are formulated for many pets, so re-check that it includes your dog. I think you also should be mindful of not using sprays on dogs that are designated for cats.  Bear in mind, as a pet proprietor, you are responsible to care about your dog’s safety.
  • Cleaning power: Loads of dog dental sprays do not expose effectively to remove plaque, tartar build-up, and ultimately generate fresh breath. Bad breath is an alarming sign of oral problems and diseases. So selecting a dog breath spray or dental spray that is specifically made to clean your dog’s mouth on top of cleansing the bacteria as well as bad odor is indispensable to ensure your dog’s oral health as hell.

Best dog dental sprays FAQs:

How does dog dental spray work in general?

There are many different types of dental spray that maintain unrelated procedures to work. Typically, most of the sprays react with the dog’s saliva and then create enzymes that help to take control over bacteria. Bacteria are the main cause of plaque besides tartar build-up. Some manufacturers advise keeping the dog from eating for at least half an hour after applying the spray to get the best result. During this time the enzyme basically makes the plaque and tartar soft and then cleans your dog’s teeth and gum line. It also eventually leads to fresh breath.

Is there any harmful ingredient that may do harm to your dog?

Commonly, the best dog dental spray prestigiously recommended by veterinarians never contains ingredients that are known to cause problems in dogs. From time to time, it may contain an extra level of grain alcohol. But it should not be detrimental to dogs. If you can find any particular bad influence by using any of those products and which results in suffering your dog as well, you should at once consult with the vet before repeating it.

Should you take dogs to the vet in place of using dental spray?

Generally, dental cleaning is considered to be criminally expensive, and not every pet owner can be financially advantageous enough to take their pets to veterinarians frequently for oral care. The dental spray may be helpful in these cases to some degree. But for the first time, you should still consult your vet and follow strictly his or her recommendations for using suggested dental spray.

How much should you apply each time of use?

The amount of dental spray is actually dependent on the size as well as the weight of your dog for the most part. In this case, I think you better follow the attached recommendations of the manufacturer and never underestimate the guidelines as well.

How often should you use the product?

Generally, it can be various for the particular product you will determine to apply. However, it is advisable that using a breath spray once a day for the best effectiveness of your dog.

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