Best Dog House Heater – Important Thing In Winter

In fact, a dog’s temperature and a person’s body temperature are quite similar, and they also have the same feeling of heat and cold as humans. Dogs tend to stick their tongue out to cool down in the summer, but in winter, what do they do to keep them warm, whether their fur can help warm them up? 

The answer is NO since the dogs’ fur only plays a small role in keeping their body warm. Therefore, if you want to take good care of your dogs, a specialized heater is necessary. Let’s find out the top 5 best dog house heater in this article that can bring to your more good choices. 


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Top 5 best dog house heater

Top 1: Hound Heater Akoma Dog House Furnace

Safe and dry heat

The Akoma dog house heater provides heat power up to 75 feet. Your pets can stay warm and cozy in their house without being worried about the cold weather outside. Moreover, this brand prevents the heat from directly touching the dogs’ fur by installing an included internal heat shield. When this machine works, it does not bring any noises thanks to the forced-air fan. 

Easy thermostat access

What is a thermostat? A thermostat is a button that you can control and adjust the right temperature for your dogs. It ranges from 30°F to 100°F and is easy to access and install. You just need to pay attention to the weather day and night. Most pet owners often set it above medium to keep their dogs in the warmest places.  

Chew proof cord

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting product, you will not regret it when buying the Akoma dog house heater. This brand uses high-quality materials to build and design such as a grounded cord, stainless steel. Therefore, it avoids some cord tension and rusty problems. 

Minus point: due to its power, this dog house heater may not suitable for smaller pets.

Top 2: Dog House Heater Plus Model

Energy-saving heat

Increasing the electricity bill will no longer be a concern for you with this product. It has an energy-saving feature, even though the heat power it produces is the same as other dog house heaters. There are 2 setting buttons for heating levels: 35°- 50° F and 50°- 80° F.


Your dogs can be warm under any conditions. You can easily adjust the right temperature based on the weather outside. For example, if the day is colder and you’re afraid that your pet is sick, just switch the button to level 2 of the heating level. 

Easy installation

Remember to read carefully the installation instruction and guidelines before building it. It is easy to do it on your own instead of asking for some support. You can finish it within an hour. 

Minus point: this dog house heater brings noise when working. 

Top 3: U-pick Dog House Heater Heated Dog House Furnace

Heat power

100 Watts is the number that the U-pick dog house heater can produce heat. It brings enough warmth for your pets, even in the cold winter. Moreover, the heating element of this product is more special than other same ones since it uses the graphene crystal heating film to keep the air fresh and watery. Therefore, you do not worry about the dry air in the winter that may be harmful to your dogs anymore.


Whatever your pets like to twist up or spread out when they rest, the top feature of this brand is no limitations to them extending. The canine house warmer is an ideal space thought to give sufficient space to their free exercises and keep warm throughout the colder time of year.

Easy to install

This dog heater is designed to be on the wall. All you need to do is read the installation instruction carefully. The working process just takes you few minutes, and then your dogs can enjoy the heat without the noises that this machine brings. 

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Top 4: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

Heat power

This product is specially built for outdoor use. Therefore, there are many added features that can increase the warmth of your dogs in the cold winter such as free fleece cover, soft foam,… Your pets can enjoy themselves in this cozy and comfortable place all day. Moreover, all of the high-quality materials are qualified by experts in the USA.

Automatic feature

There is a button that you can switch to the right temperature for your dogs. However, if you are confused about it since each type of dog needs a different temperature, please do not worry. This product is smart and automatic in that it can react to temperature changes to warm your pet’s ordinary internal heat level. 


The K&H dog house heater is suitable for most kinds of dogs and you can place it anywhere you want. It is small and easy to install, therefore, it can fit perfectly in sheds, carports, stables, or any protected zone outside your pets to hang out.

Minus point: this pad does not have a chewed-resistant feature. 

Top 5: K&H PET PRODUCTS Heated Pad with Free Cover

Heat power

2 products of the K&H brand on the list! Now, you can see the reliability and quality of the dog house heater from this brand. It provides more powerful heat than the above product. If you buy it in a small size, the heat it can produce is up to 40 Watts while the largest one can create up to 80 Watts. 

Automatic feature

Different types of dogs need different temperatures based on their size and fur. Understanding this problem, the K&H includes an automatic feature in the dog house heater. This point adjusts the right temperature for your dogs, even in inside or outside places. If your pets are getting hot, there is also an automatic shut-off button that avoids all the burned problems.


This product is little and simple to build, in this way, it can fit consummately to sheds, garages, pens, or any ensured zone outside your pets hang out. Moreover, you can use this dog house heater for many types of dogs since it all brings a comfortable and relaxed time for your pets. 

Minus point: this heater is a bit flimsy. If your floor is not level, it will not lay flat.

Why should I buy a dog house heater?

A dog house heater brings many benefits for your favorite pets such as warmth, convenience,… Like human heating lamps, this product is also capable of heating for short periods of time. Only after 2 to 3 minutes after connecting to the power source, the dog heater has come into play to warm up to 30 degrees Celsius. Besides the heat it provides, the main function of the dog heater to produce infrared rays that help heat, kill bacteria to prevent the entry of pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, the heat lamp for dogs also stimulates the cells to increase the ability to synthesize vitamin D3 to help metabolize calcium and phosphorus, thereby helping the dog’s bones to develop better.

One more standing point of the dog house heater is that you do not worry much about the energy cost. Designed with a capacity of only about 200 – 250W, this is a fairly small power level, so even if you turn it on all day, the power consumption of the product is completely negligible. This is a feature that pet owners like to highly appreciate because you can both take care of a healthy pet, but each month it only costs about $5 to pay the dog every month.

How can I buy the right dog house heater for my pet?

The type of a suitable dog house heater depends on your dog’s kind such as its size, its fur, or its needs. For example, the smaller, warmer dog house will be fit to some smaller dogs with a single coat like Pug. On the other hand, the bigger ones like Siberian Husky dogs prefer a large house with softer flooring to be more comfortable. In general, there are 3 considered things you need to understand before deciding to buy any items for your pets.

Heating power: this feature is the most important because it affects the convenience and warmth of your dogs. If your pet’s house is far from your house, try to buy self-warming pads or microwavable cushions so you do not need to run lines from an outlet across your yard to the canine house. Remember your dog’s size when asking for the buying support service, each type of dog has different heating requirements.

Safety mechanism: there are many accidents related to dogs. Be careful when you select the most suitable dog house heater as you need to notice the safety too. The product should have an automatic button to turn on and off if your dog is getting too hot.

Cleanliness: You strive to keep your home clean, for what reason would you not do likewise for your dog’s house? Your canine’s home merits an exhaustive cleaning in any event once per week, if not more regularly. Hence, their canine house warmer should have the option to be cleaned without any problem. A few warmers, like warming cushions, will doubtlessly have a cover that will require washing. Ensure the cushions are machine washable.

The right dog house heater is mainly based on your needs and your budget. Make sure that you have to think about the quality first because the price mostly will go the same with it. However, it is lucky if you can find an affordable product with high-quality features.

Best Dog House Heater FAQs

How warm should a dog house be?

The temperature of a dog house heater should be different from the kinds of dogs. For instance, newborn puppies as long as seven days old need to stay in 29 to 32 Celsius places. Or for puppies seven days old to one month, 22 deg. Celsius is comfortable. However, general temperatures for most canines ought to be somewhere close to 15 to 23 deg. Celsius. Additionally, it relies mainly upon your types of dogs and the temperature outside. 

What are the different types of dog house heaters?

There are 4 major choices when you are looking for a dog house heater. Each of them brings different benefits and outstanding points for your pets.

  • Electric heater: many pet owners choose to buy this type of dog house heater due to its convenience and diversity. It is easy to be used and install that you can complete this heater within few minutes. Currently, on the market, there are many sizes and shapes of electric heaters. Even though you have a large or small dog, you can easily find suitable models based on your needs.
  • Lamp/bulb heaters: the people living on the farm or suburb use them more often than the ones living in the city. If you are confused about how this heater works, please do not worry because the lamp heater can bring the same energy as the electric type. However, remember to place it in somewhere that your dogs are not able to touch it since it may lead to some accidents of being burned. 
  • Insulated pet houses: in the event that you are living in some colder places, an insulated pet house is the greatest choice for your dogs. They use the thick walls and floors to build this model to prevent all the cold winds from coming. Your dogs will be safe in here. However, installing this house heater is a bit more difficult and you may need support. 
  • Heated beds/pads: the design of heated pads wins a point in most pet owners. It is convenient and simple but has its power since your dogs’ body will be warm after 2-3 minutes lying in the pads. It works well in indoor places, however, you still can put it outside for your dogs.

How long can a dog house heater be plugged in?

Most types of dog house heaters can work all day. However, it is better if you just use it at some necessary time such as at night or in unexpected cold weather. When using the heater for a long time, it may lead to some trouble such as overheating or the high electricity cost that you need to pay each month. 

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