These Best Dog ID Tags Can Help You Ensure Your Pet’s Safety

Pet chains for dogs are not only products to decorate and adorn your pets more beautiful and lovely, but also a powerful tool to effectively fight stray when they go away or get lost in the street. Thanks to the contact information engraved on the pet’s chains, it will give dogs a chance to return to their owners through their phone number and whereabouts if someone is unintentionally kind can see the information on the name tag – or we also call the dog ID tag.

However, many brands offer the same kind of products. How can you choose the right dog id tag for your pets is still a hard question. Let’s find out the top 6 best dog ID tags in this article. 


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Top 6 best dog ID tag

Top 1: GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

Good design

Most pet owners show satisfaction after purchasing this product. The Gotags brand allows you to choose the shape and size of your dog ID tag based on your purposes and preferences. While customizing, you may incorporate up to 4 lines of text on each side by choosing the FRONT surface and BACK surface. In this way, your dog can both express its personality and keep your important information.

High-quality material

The brand chooses stainless steel material to design the dog ID tag. It enhances the durability and long-lasting features of this product when compared to the others such as the aluminum one. Moreover, the laser etching is clear, lasting, and alluring on a cleaned reflect finish surface under any circumstances.

Simple and convenient

The dog ID tag is small and comfortable for your dogs to wear around their neck. It does not cause any harmful or inconvenient issues such as being itchy or having rash due to the low-quality material. You can make sure about the reliability of the product. It is also easy to put on and take off. 

Minus point: the engraved content wore out when the metal got scratched. 

Top 2: Slide On Pet Tag ID – Silent Custom Dog Tags

High-quality material

2 materials are used to produce this dog ID tag: stainless steel and silicone rubber. It is a perfect combination because the product will never rust and be uncomfortable. The silicone rubber brings a flexible and strong collar feeling. Also, it is so light and soft that your dogs may not know about it. 

Good design

If you like colors and so do your dogs, this product will be a great choice. It is available in 9 colors and 3 sizes. The color ranges from light to dark so you can find your favorite easily. Moreover, even your dog is small or big, it still has comfortable sizes such as small, medium, and big to pick from. Thanks to the material and design, this dog ID tag does not bring any noise when your dog is playing or walking. 

Fast delivery

The owner of this brand is a little privately-owned company situated in Orlando, Florida, US, so you will get your label quicker than a worldwide dealer. They also offer you support if anything happens to your product. 

Minus point: the engraving of the letters in this dog ID tag may scratch out easily. 

Top 3: YiXiEr Cute Custom Pet ID Tags

High-quality material

The YiXier brand chooses stainless steel material. It is the best material to produce a dog ID tag because it does not rust under any conditions. Moreover, the engraving letters are abrasion-resistant and durable. 

Simple and good looking features

This dog ID tag is round and light to wear around your dog’s neck. Besides the letters, you can choose your favorite image to add to the product such as flowers or a house. You are free to customize your design of the dog ID tag. It is easy to read and see because the letters are on both the front and back sides. 

Minus point: the size of this dog ID tag is a bit small so you can’t add much information.

Top 4: GoTags Pet ID Personalized Pet Tags for Dogs and Cats

High-quality material

Another product of the Gotags brand is on the recommended list. It shows you how satisfied the customers are. This time, the brand chooses the premium quality anodized aluminum material to produce the dog ID tag. It brings more comfortable and flexible for the dogs to wear due to the lightweight and elastic features. 

Good design

There are different sizes, shapes, and colors for you to pick from. You may be surprised when knowing that the brand offers 9 shapes to customize such as Bone, Round, Heart, Bow Tie, Badge, Star, Flower, or Rectangle. The size of this product is enough to contain all necessary information and it will highlight the dog’s name as the biggest letter. 

Minus point: this dog ID tag brings the sound when your dog is playing and running.  

Top 5: Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

High-quality material

Many brands are choosing stainless steel to be the main material of the dog ID tag. It is a great choice because this material brings durability and long-lasting features. Your dog can be active in both indoor and outdoor places, under any weather. You do not need to worry about short-term problems such as rusty or wearing out.

Good design

The brand offers 2 sizes that are suitable for small and big dogs. You are free to customize the dog ID tag based on your inclination. It engraves the letters in both front and back sides that are clear for everyone to see and read it. 

Minus point:  the dog ID tag may fell off if your dog is doing hard activities such as running. 

Top 6: io tags Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog Tags

High-quality material

This is a lightweight and long-lasting product. The brand uses some best materials like hard clear epoxy covering on sparkle face or full polish nickel plating on every single metal surface. You can make sure to buy for your dog. Even your dog is much active, the product can work well.

Good design

You hardly find any brands that offer to put glitter on the dog ID tag. It is available in different colors and shapes. You can select 2 ID tags for your dog to change based on its clothes, for example. Moreover, the letters are clear and outstanding on the tag. 

Minus point: this dog ID tag is not suitable for big dogs because of its size.

Why do I should buy best dog ID tags?

The main function of the best dog ID tags is to help you find the lost dogs more easily and effectively. Even you are a careful person, you can’t control everything because there is consistently an unexpected time your pet may get lost. A study shows that 1 of every 3 pets will get lost eventually in the course of their life and 90% of them stay away for the indefinite future home without an ID. Therefore, do you understand the importance of a dog ID tag?

Dog ID tags guarantee that if your pet gets lost, it’s simple for the individual who discovers them to get in contact with you and get your pet home safe. Moreover, it increases the chances that more individuals will pause and help a wanderer that seems, by all accounts, to be a family pet. Without a tag or choker, individuals may be reluctant to move toward your pet and their possibility at salvage could be lost.

How can I choose the right dog ID tags?

There are many kinds of dog ID tags that are available in the market. This makes the pet owners confused when selecting the most suitable one. However, you do not have to worry much. Let’s follow the 4 considered things below:

  • Size: the dog ID tag that you want to buy must have enough space to add your important information like contact or the dog’s name. You can choose the size based on the number of data you want to engrave in. For example, most people pick the largest size because they also want to have the dog’s vaccination date on it. 
  • Material: this feature is also one of the most necessary things when buying a dog ID tag. You should check whether the product is durable and does not rust since your dog has many activities a day under many conditions like rain. 
  • Design: besides the main function, the dog ID tag can be an accessory for your dog. It shows the characters by different colors and shapes. If your dog is active, you can choose some bright colors and funny shapes for him.
  • Convenience: many dogs do not like to have something around their neck. Therefore, you should focus on the lightweight and comfortability of the product. Moreover, it will be better if the dog ID tag does not bring any noise. 

Best Dog ID Tags FAQs

What is the best material for the dog ID tag?

Currently, the dog ID tag is produced with many different materials such as wooden nameplate, acrylic mica nameplate, decoction name board, crystal nameplate, ceramic nameplate, stainless steel, … However, the one with stainless steel material is chosen by most customers, because they use high-quality technology, which does not rust, and the eye color is reserved over time.

What information should I put in the dog ID tag?

The number of information you want to add to the dog ID tag should depend on the size and shape of the product. However, there are some important things your dogs must have like: 

  • Contact information: it is the main data that should be clear and adequate. This will help the individual who finds your pet get him back home to you. For example, your home address or your phone number, however, they may change after some time, so attempt to incorporate some alternate way potential rescuers can find you.
  • The dog’s name: this information will help in the reunification interaction and let individuals who discover him realize what to call him. This might be consoling for your conceivably scared pooch.
  • Vaccination date: it is hard to support if the individual, who finds your dog, does not know its vaccination date. Because it is related to some issues such as rabies or other diseases. It’ll additionally help guarantee that your pet is appropriately focused on in the event that he is taken to a creature medical clinic or safe house.

Does dog tag bother my pet?

It will be annoying for both the pet owners and their dogs if the ID tag brings sound. For sound-delicate dogs specifically, boisterous labels may contrarily influence their personal satisfaction and life. You can minimize the dog ID tag noise by selecting the right and high-quality material such as stainless steel or silicone. 

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