Best dog knee braces for your dog – Detailed reviews

Our furry friends are not so distinguished from us, because just like human beings, they actually need to sustain a healthy lifestyle since dogs easily get worn out, especially when they are no longer young anymore. Taking care of them means we care holistically about every possible health issue that may hold dogs back from living a convenient life. In order to deal with such, sometimes, a dog knee brace is a must. Why is that necessary to have a knee brace? How to choose the best one?… Those interesting questions will reveal proper answers at the end, after the list of the best dog knee braces out there.


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Top 5 the best dog knee braces you should not miss

Top 1: Labra Dog Canine Luxating Patella Medium

Plus points:

  • Supportive: If we were to choose, no one would resort to a supportive tool all day long, but it is really beneficial in certain circumstances. If your dog is making recovery from injury, this brace is really helpful in helping stay balanced and stabilized throughout the healing process. Without it, dogs will need more effort to move around and soon get exhausted than having been assisted by such. Anyway, the knee brace is also not a bad option, right?
  • Lightweight and soft: Putting up with inconvenience sometimes is the sole measure to overcome hardship and get more mature. However, why does your dog need to suffer from such a nuisance as there comes a lightweight brace for softer and easier movement?. Dealing with difficulty requires both patience and flexibility. This product, thus,  alleviates your concern about your little dog being tired.
  • Multiple sizes: Coming in with a range of sizes that generally can fit different dogs, this product makes certain that dogs are not meant to suffer from pain when being naturally treated. From now on, you no longer have to worry about your little friend feeling uncomfortable wearing the knee brace anymore.

Minus point:

  • All of the straps have a problem with staying in place as fixed, if your dog is engrossed in moving constantly, it would soon be out of place.

Top 2: Labra Extra Supportive Dog Canine Rear Leg

Plus points:

  • Convenient to use: Arthritis, a term probably will be frequently mentioned when it comes to the aging stage of humans, however, for now, it also applies to very adorable dogs as such. While not fitting directly onto your puppy’s knee, his legs will be substantially supported without compromising flexibility all day long. Dogs love to play around, whether or not there are any partners, so if you just restrict him to a chosen place, chances are his instinct will not hold longer and even leads to more mental health issues. Just let him discover the world!
  • Comfortable and protective: Unexpected twists and turns in life often result in unpredictable stories. Your dog may have got minor problems with car crashes and hopefully, he is going to be well soon. Your little four-legged friend may also have a wound on his legs due to carelessness while playing around the house… Transparently, we cannot just be around our dogs to supervise day and night, he still needs freedom. And the best solution in such circumstances is getting him a knee brace. The soft and spongy nature of this brace blocks your dog’s access to that wound and nibbles away at it, ensuring a better speed of recovery.

Minus point: 

  • Honestly, the sizing of the product runs kinda small, meaning that you should look for a bigger brace for large dogs, instead. 

Top 3: Walkabout Harnesses Pink Knee Brace for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Specifically for disabled dogs: Life is inherently not equal for all things that are currently co-existing. Not to mention temporary injuries, some dogs are born with disabled body parts with loads of inconvenience during their life. Especially the older those are, the more challenging their daily activities become. If your dog, unfortunately, comes in the minority above, don’t worry, this brace is for him.
  • Greatly beneficial for large dogs: As puppies get hurt, they may shed lots of tears and need your care at a high frequency, because simply they are still kids and basically kids are into parents’ love around the clock. Yet, bigger dogs are more independent to a great extent and they can themselves recover, as long as you give them appropriate support. This product is made for large and maturer canines offering flexibility that benefits the healing process hugely.

Minus point:

  • The only downside lowering its score for a high-end product is that the knee brace is just suitable for large dogs only. 

Top 4: Labra Dog Canine Flexible Luxating Cruciate Ligament

Plus points:

  • Effective: For canines with cruciate ligament problems, don’t always think of surgery as the only magic elixir. I personally cannot heal my dog with that long-lasting painful cure, instead, a prominent brace can form part of an active recovery plan if preferred. The brace itself is extremely effective as far as you guarantee to stick to the instruction attached.
  • Proactive: Considered one of the most active animals on the Earth, dogs refer to immobilization time as an unbearable period in their life, if any. Of course, they still love having you around, being taken care of, but not utterly relying on you, to be honest. Let your little friend have his own time little by little regaining confidence by doing exercise with this knee brace, it would be a lot better than anything else.
  • Good guarantee: I don’t insanely claim this product to be the best one ever that I have used, but it should be considered the best brand name that cares deeply about what customers normally concern about. Initially, I got irritated with some defects, but after keeping in contact, they got them all handled in a flash.

Minus point:

  • As reported by some customers, the product seems to be overpriced. I personally share the same thought, though. 

Top 5: Thigh Wound Protective Sleeve for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Easy to use: Made from a range of high-quality fabrics, this product is nothing but breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable also. You can take advantage of its simplicity at any time of use, especially for beginners who literally cannot get to apply something too complicated. The knee brace ensures mobility and comfort simultaneously so that you can save time for another task.
  • Safe and highly protective: There was a time my puppy was as down as hell not allowed to touch his injury for better healing. He cried, he was in an attempt so as to satisfy his inherent instinct. However, fortunately, on account of the high-effective knee brace that I got, there was no way around for him to do such a thing.

Minus point:

  • If your dog is more hyperactive than usual, chances are you cannot rely on this only, as the brace itself cannot keep fixed. 

Why do you need to buy knee brace for dogs?

Loads of people are aware of the fact that a knee brace can aid in joint issues, without truly understanding several specific ways in which they’re basically helpful. A few of the those that knee braces provide value include: 

They make improvements for weight distribution. 

Knee braces can assist your dogs with keeping weight off injured joints. This can actually help your pooch stay mobile and proceed faster and better recovery throughout the healing process. 

They offer additional support. 

Braces generally provide extra support to a wounded joint, thereby aiding to deter falls and make it a whole lot easier for your pooch to go about his daily routine as usual.

They do wonders for mobility during the healing process. 

Braces are supposed to help keep your pooch’s joints fixed while healing, making it easier for your little dog to stay mobilized. 

Knee braces might reduce pain. 

Knee braces aren’t that really magical, nor are they pain-relieving tools as well. However, they can substantially reduce the amount of pain many dogs may feel by taking pressure off of an injured joint that literally they are having to suffer. 

They may also help your dog avoid surgery.

In some certain instances, knee braces may be a viable alternative to surgery. This is particularly true of knee injuries that are somewhat mild for sure.

They’re often greatly more affordable than alternative treatments as such. 

While custom braces are often criminally expensive, “off-the-shelf” knee braces usually never cost you more than $150 or around. By contrast, surgery often costs a couple of thousand dollars, as can the long-term use of medications surely, too.

What types of dogs can get benefits from dog knee braces?

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries for dogs:

Tears or sometimes ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament (occasionally called the cranial cruciate ligament) are typically seen in dogs. These types of injuries usually (but not all the time) need surgery, but knee braces can help basically relieve a couple of the pain they cause and at the same time provide stability before and after the surgery.

Luxating patellas:

Luxating patella stands for a condition in which a dog’s knee cap slips as well as slides around. This can make your dog temporarily lose his leg’s use and (over time) result in painful osteoarthritis. Knee braces generally aren’t the ideal treatment for luxating patellas, however, they may help greatly keep your dog’s patella fixed.


Arthritis in many dogs is a joint disease leading to debilitating discomfort as well as pain when your canine goes about his daily routine. Once again, knee braces will be 100% helpful for these types of dogs, in the sense that they will help to reduce a lot of pain and provide stability as well. Arthritis normally isn’t treatable through surgery, so dogs who put up with the condition may need a supportive knee brace that is needed to use for the rest of their lives.

The best dog knee braces FAQs:

Does a dog knee brace actually help with ACL problems?

A knee brace can help your dog cope with some of the symptoms related to ACL issues. However, I gotta say that most of the time, it’s not really a “fix-all” solution, thus your pooch might still need surgery irrespective of the addition of a brace only, honestly speaking.

Could knee braces relieve the need for surgery?

This is largely independent of the severity of your dog’s injury. I do agree that braces can help your dog in a couple of certain cases, in others it might just enable you to postpone your dog’s surgery and wait for a more effective solution, meaning it is just a temporary measure. Your veterinarian actually can give you a better idea of what you can expect to treat your dogs.  

Should a dog with joint issues wear knee braces around the clock?

Your dog perhaps wears a knee brace whenever he is awake because it is the only thing that helps him more confident in dealing with the issue. However, it’s possibly a good idea to take it off during the night in order that your canines can sleep much more comfortably. Several types of dogs only wear braces when they are engaging in strenuous activities. I think you better consult your veterinarian for an individualized care plan for that. 

Do you need your vet to get a knee brace?

You can look for a knee brace with no need for a prescription from your veterinarian. Nonetheless, you should certainly consult your veterinarian prior to purchasing a brace and throughout the process of recovery as well to be sure it’s a good fit for your dog.


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