Best dog motorcycle helmets – Detailed reviews and Buying guides

Dogs are one of the friendliest and most reliable creatures to walk the planet. Honestly sharing, not only do they provide joy, but they also offer humans two things we need for the rest of our life: safety and protection. So it’s only fair as we make an attempt and provide them with equal if not more, security as well as protection. Thus, taking your dog along sounds great yet, driving with a canine around can be a dangerous affair, regarding safety. Don’t be concerned with that, because you can think about a dog helmet, surely! There are several options for the best dog motorcycle helmets that may be helpful to you anyway.


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Top 5 best dog motorcycle helmets for consideration

Top 1: DONGKER Mini Helmet

Plus points:

  • Stylish: Going across a dog wearing a helmet sounds ridiculous somewhat if the helmet is outlandish and not proper to be used on. This is your solution, a Dongker mini helmet gives a better look to your little dog. Nothing is cooler than having a Chihuahua getting around the city, discovering every nook and cranny of every street with you but still make sure he is 100% safe along the way.
  • High-quality: Young people have a tendency to sacrifice safety for design, I can say for sure of that. However, in that case, they deliberately pose a risk to themselves and other people crossing the street as much. Those youngsters also do the same to their beloved dog when going out, just because they like it only. To solve such a circumstance, there comes the existence of this brand’s helmet. Its prominent quality features safety every journey, regardless of sizes and types.
  • Easy to use: In the light of soft and smooth material inside, your little friend will be as submissive as desired so that you will be able to easily put the helmet on for him without much effort. Generally, if your dogs are still small, it would be nothing but a tough problem to solve if forcing him to use such an inconvenient thing. However, I bet your dog will love the feeling of safety and comfort on the head, no matter where he is going to be taken along.

Minus point:

  • It is a cool product but somehow too short for the dog’s nose. 

Top 2: Lifeunion Classical Pet Dog Fleece Aviator

Plus points:

  • Durable and effective: Bringing your dog along to a course means you have to take more responsibility to keep an eye on him for the sake of safety during the time you are satisfying your sports passion. Nevertheless, it is not always ensured because we tend to focus on competitiveness rather than concentrating on anything else at times. Don’t worry about your dog being hurt if not taken care of properly, because he will be protected well by this durable helmet against every crash.
  • More of a hat than a helmet: It is actually a helmet but if you wear that for your little friend, your kids will definitely shout loud: “Daddy, what a lovely hat”. It looks so cute on every type of canine and even can be used to keep warm during freezing days.

Minus point:

  • Honestly speaking, Ear holes of the product are not spaced correctly for larger dogs to be used.

Top 3: Enjoying Pet Helmet Motorcycle Dog Helmet

Plus points:

  • Charming look: I know lots of you have imagined one day taking your dogs on your own expensive motorcycle and chill out with him on every trip, no matter where you guys are gonna share the great moments together, no matter how breathtaking the views will be. Everything, however, will be a lot more fantastic with a charming and cool helmet from this brand, ensuring both precious experience and body protection.
  • Strong-protective but lightweight: Don’t get it wrong that the less lightweight a helmet, the more chance of your head being hurt when it comes to traffic crashes. Scientifically speaking, safety actually depends on the material. This product, hence, comes in with a lightweight design and robust material, making sure your dog’s head is always well-protective but still comfortable at best.
  • Good guarantee: There will probably be no concern regarding the warranty as you will get a full refund or a new replacement if any defect is examined to be manufacturing-related.

Minus point:

  • The size is not flexible, meaning that if you have a large dog, chances are you have to discard the item right away. 

Top 4: Namsan Dog Goggles Large Breed Dog

Plus points:

  • Easy on the eyes: As a gift for obedient dogs, a wide goggle is able to stay in the dog’s head pretty well, and offer a good view whenever he intends to discover the world around him. What I love most about this is the soft frame won’t hurt the fur on both the dog’s face and eyes, especially it takes very little effort for dogs to put on before totally being up for any trip.
  • Plays the role of a helmet: A good helmet is able to keep your dog safe in unexpected collisions. In order to play such a role, the product has been specifically designed to be as durable as stone, making sure the eyes of your dog will be always well-protected. In each picture taken by my assistant on the latest trip to the forest, my dog was super excited and there was even a sparkling smile on his face if I was not illusional at the time.

Minus point:

  • Goggles generally tend to ride up and lift off the nose at speed or as dogs shake their head, so this is not a good option for a long journey setting off with a car. 

Top 5: GUGELIVES Pet Dog Helmet Doggie Hardhat

Plus points:

  • Comfortable to wear: The sponge padding inside this dog helmet makes it rather comfortable to wear than any other product. Furthermore, with a nylon adjustable chin strap, you get into no trouble fastening the helmet on your pet’s head, even with stubborn friends.
  • True protector: For any wanderlust, taking his best friend everywhere on the Earth is one of the greatest ambitions, I guess so. The best friend aforesaid is not necessarily human but can be a dog also. But how to keep your BFF safe along the way, especially when you are driving the motorcycle at a pretty high speed? This is a viable solution. The helmet goes against hard wind, sunlight, for every outdoor activity to be safe and sound; for each journey to be more substantially meaningful as such.
  • “She” will like it, surely: I have never guaranteed anything but I can claim for sure that your little canine will fall for the helmet, as it looks super cool and the pink outside especially suitable for girl dogs!

Minus point:

  • In the event that your dogs are a bit bigger than average, this might not be a recommended option, because it will hurt his/ her head. 

How to choose the proper product when it comes to dog helmets?

When shopping for your dog a good helmet, you should be considering those features:

  • Materials: With any type of helmet, thick plastic materials are always the best option. ABS plastic is basically rugged enough so as to take a beating. Yet, it’s lightweight and easy on the head to wear. The interior of the helmet that you select should be filled with thick padding too. It also should be dense enough in order to cushion the blow of any potentially obvious impacts while remaining breathable for your little dog when traveling.
  • Coverage: Coverage is indispensable in the event that you’re looking to provide the most protection that your budget can be able to support. Your dog’s head is shaped a lot differently than yours. So, it is a high possibility that you need to attentively care about how much of their head it covers. Don’t forget to look for accessories that extend down the sides of your dog’s face so that they can be good all.
  • Fit: It’s never a bad idea to take some measurements prior to starting shopping for the best dog helmet. It is highly recommended that you take a flexible measuring tape and get a couple of figures about the width and circumference of your dog’s head before getting the long-lasting one that suits his style. These two measurements will demonstrate to be helpful in your search for the most common helmets.

Of course, a rule of thumb indicating that most accessories aren’t going to be good fits for your dog like a glove the first time. Thankfully, most companies utilize adjustable straps and elastic so as to get a snug fit that is able to be comfortable enough for prolonged wear at any time.

Taking some time getting the right fit is a must because comfort is ultimate. If your dog isn’t feeling the gear, they’ll find a way to get out of it right away after being forced to wear the uncomfortable helmet. 

Best dog motorcycle helmets FAQs:

Can best dog motorcycle helmets protect your dogs from hearing problems?

In general, the engine noise from a motorcycle hovers approximately 90 decibels (dB). Nonetheless, many bikes even produce noises in excess of 100 dB—a level really high enough to resort to ear protection in many workplaces around the world. Excessive engine noise is simply one of many factors that can result in hearing loss in motorcyclists. On the whole, those mainly rely on helmets so as to protect their heads in a crash, however, many helmets cannot provide any protection from loud noises. Only helmets that fit wholly over the head can be able to offer ear protection, and then the level of protection is also various as such. If you take your dog along, chances are you have to slow down your speed not to hurt the hearing ability of him, too.

Do you need a full-covered helmet for dogs when driving a motorcycle?

No, you don’t need a full-face motorcycle helmet for a dog when he is on a sports bike, but you certainly should wear that for him because of one for several reasons. From minor tip-overs to high-speed high sides, there is always the fact that you never know where the impact is going to be when you and your little friend go down. Studies have substantially shown that the bulk of impacts in motorcycle crashes occur to the rider’s face and sometimes the companion’s as well.

Wearing a full-face helmet for both you and dogs ensures the entire head is much protected than any other one. With its articulating face shield featuring, a full-face helmet generally enables you to entirely block wind and debris from getting to your eyes and those of dogs and perhaps obstructing the vision of you both. Lastly, riding at high speeds on a sports bike literally means high wind noise will affect your vision, by putting on a full face motorcycle helmet, your ears and face are safely sealed off from any rushing wind and of course, your little pet will be also a lot safer than usual.

In what particular circumstances, are dogs really in need of a good helmet?

Dog helmets are great for pets that basically need to get protection from minor head traumas, are impaired in terms of vision, or have a couple of disabilities that cause them to bump into things around. Blind dogs, particularly get frustrated when they bump into things that they cannot be able to see. Do helmets help these poor pets regain the confidence they have literally for them to explore their world without injury? If you own a dog that suffers from seizures often falling down as a consequence of an illness, injury or any type of disability, protecting their head safely will play an essential part in their healing process.

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