The best dog toothbrushes are available to make dog dental care no longer a worry

It is obvious that dogs with healthy mouths and teeth are always happier and then live longer. Pondering how hard it is for pets to submissively stay still during brushings, it can be seen that most pet parents don’t pay attention to their pet’s teeth from the very early days. Neglecting your dog’s teeth can certainly result in a host of issues that can be expensive or worse, fatal, for sure. Hence, how to keep their breath always fresh and make sure their dental health is great all year round? Take a look at the best dog toothbrushes that have been carefully selected below. 


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Top 5 best dog toothbrushes for your consideration

Top 1: Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Series

Plus points:

  • 2-in-1: If every toothbrush that you have ever used previously took no effect or seemed not to clean well, you probably will love this. The dual-headed dental hygiene brushes interestingly feature a small brush and a large brush on the two ends of one brush, this is more of a convenience than just an addition in the sense that the design simplifies the switching process between distinguished tools when it comes to cleaning different areas of your pet’s mouth.
  • More than just one color option: Dogs are generally like kids, they are childlike, adorable, and will never love something boring and repetitive. Like kids, who seek a range of toys for not feeling desperately alone as well as avoid boredom, your dogs love multiple colors when brushing teeth for the same reason. With two colors come in alternatively, you can certainly make sure your little baby will never get sick of cleaning teeth every evening.
  • Meaningful project: I fundamentally love the idea that 15% of the profit from the product will be donated to the American Animal Rescue Society, helping to rescue and shield abandoned dogs. I myself cannot alone launch a project but I believe I can obviously make some contribution and I am surely proud of that.

Minus point:

  • The little toothbrush is kinda fine for size, however, the bristles themselves should be a little softer. 

Top 2: PenVinoo Dog Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush

Plus points:

  • Effective: Have you ever got disappointed a whole lot as an effort to clean your teeth is obviously made but nothing seems to have changed? Me too, not only mine but also my little dog’s teeth. The answer perhaps lies in the product that I chose. It was not as effective as such and sometimes it caused him to bleed too. A new choice for this product has greatly changed everything, and I am able to see big improvements in plaque buildup reduction.
  • Soft and easy to use: Honestly, adult dog keepers every now and then also hate doing dental hygiene, not as much different from dogs, because that is sort of time-consuming and causes lots of discomfort due to improper use of toothbrushes sometimes. Dogs lean towards something gentle, something soothes them perfectly, not a toothbrush that literally hurts them hard. If your dogs show disinterest in the previous product, why don’t you give this new one a go? That would probably work, as it is soft and easy to use, for the best feeling ever, I bet.

Minus point:

  • Based on preference, I think dogs whose smaller mouths will not be comfortable using this product as it is somewhat long compared to the average.

Top 3: CEESC Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

Plus points:

  • Unique design: Firstly looking at the product, I thought it was something, not a toothbrush, actually. If you prefer a little difference from mundane traditional products, however, it may not be a bad choice! Dogs are inclined to be far more curious about what seems a bit colorful as it stands out, so this product, personally I think, can be a unique design so that both of you have a far cry from the familiarity.
  • No bitter taste or strong smell: Your dog is into chewing and sticks to his instinct all the time. Why don’t you make a combination of what he fancies and his duty to keep hygiene? Isn’t it a good idea? This product doesn’t give off any smell or cause your little friend to feel bitter when chewing. Just simply put a little toothpaste on it and comfortably wait until he is done playing with his own nature. Brushing a dog’s teeth has long been an obsession? Now you have already had it all figured out with ease.

Minus point:

  • The product itself doesn’t stick so well to the floor and easily gets fallen down when the dog aggressively chews. 

Top 4: Vet’s Best Dog Toothbrush and Easy Teeth Cleaning

Plus points:

  • When your fingers work: If you no longer believe in the use of a normal toothbrush and simultaneously wanna give your dog a sense of comfort when brushing, I highly recommend this. It is easy to wear on your fingers. Just imagine you both are in front of the mirror, your fingers skilfuly get into his mouth and start to clean up every plague around, and finally, you can see a smile on his face afterward. Aww, I love such a feeling!
  • Multiple for spare: In the case that you consider yourself a bit absent-minded, you may have lost a variety of odds and ends, and I guess you are somewhat worried about that. Okay, no problem, that would be alright if you have more than one. This product arrives with 10 soft finger brushes, so transparently if a toothbrush is nowhere to be found, you can still keep working on it without disruption.
  • Easy on the teeth: Individually speaking of my pet-keeping experience, I am kind of clumsy whenever taking care of my little four-legged friend, leading to half-laughing and half-crying circumstances occasionally. However, since applying this new product, I feel my skills much better than they were, as my dog keeps silent whenever I brush his teeth. That sounds as trivial as for many people, but for me, it is such a big accomplishment that the product is able to be partly contributing.

Minus point:

  • It basically doesn’t stay on the finger very well, as far as I can see, once it’s in the dog’s mouth. This causes a bit of inconvenience for holding the position if you have not been familiar with it.

Top 5: Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste and Teeth Cleaning

Plus points:

  • Soothing and effective: Brushing can be a bonding time that gets you and your little friend together, especially when you may have been oblivious of your dog due to work and life pressure as well as long business trips. Trying to make up for the days of far distance has never been easier when it comes to this toothbrush. It is super soothing and effective in the process of removing tartar and plague, giving your dog back a fresh and confident smile.
  • Natural flavor: It is not exaggerated saying that dogs are endowed with the sixth sense since they are extremely sensitive to flavors and the like. If your little friend just loves naturally formulated products, chances are you cannot say no to this offer, in the sense that it is extracted from neem oil, grapefruit seed, for long-lasting breath lingering hours on end.

Minus point:

  • With big canines, it’s not really easy to get to the root of the tooth where all the plaque is, for the reason that the tooth is so big and this toothbrush is just not conducive to this maneuver as such. 

How to choose the best dog toothbrush?

Now that you have already pondered all possible recommendations, it is necessary to decide what type of dog toothbrush you really need to be sure your dog gets the best cleaning every break of dawn as well as before turning in. There are so many different kinds of dog toothbrushes on offer in the market and below you will find some of them.

  • Single-headed toothbrush: These are quite similar to human toothbrushes even though toothbrushes for dogs basically come with a curved end. Nonetheless, the bristles are really soft in comparison to human toothbrushes and rarely hurt the dog’s delicate teeth or gums surely.
  • Double-headed toothbrush: If you are needing to brush your dog’s teeth in no time, these toothbrushes are the best options available on the market. They not only clean both sides of your dog’s teeth in one go; in the event that you do it right, you also can ensure the top and bottom of your dog’s jaws are 100% spotless with ease.
  •  Double-ended toothbrush: These types of brushes feature generally two ends with a range of sizes. If you are intending to switch from molars to incisors or vice-versa, this type of brush makes it much easier for you. Just flip the ends and viola, then you are able to get a toothbrush of the right size for brushing your dog’s teeth whenever needed.

As a rule of thumb, deciding on the right brush banks on the kind of dog you have and how relaxable it is with the brushing process that will be happening. If the hard bristles greatly irritate your dog, it is highly recommended that you get a softer toothbrush to make life easier for him.

FAQs about the best dog toothbrushes

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Fantastically, you should think of brushing your dog’s teeth twice a day, if you can manage it but once a day is a great start for every beginner. Brushing actually removes the daily long-term accumulation of plaque from the teeth and the like. Although dogs do not typically get cavities, they are known to suffer from periodontal disease leading to bad breath, pain, and tooth loss as well.

How do you brush your dog’s teeth properly?

You can start with an appropriate toothbrush for a perfect beginning. Ideally, for dogs less than 30lbs, a finger toothbrush will prove its ability well. For larger dogs, you should ponder one with a long handle as well as an angled head to fit the mouth better and even extra-soft bristles as sure as hell. It is advised that you place the toothpaste between the bristles which enables it to spend more time adjacent to the teeth and gums. Most types of dogs accept brushing only when they are properly approached in a gentle manner. Start little by little with a damp cloth or gauze wiping the teeth as well as progress to a toothbrush soaked deeply in warm water later on. Eventually, there comes a toothpaste added on. A couple of toothpaste designed for pets are flagrantly flavored, thus, starting by letting your dog lick a small amount of your chosen finger to get used to the taste itself is an ideal way to introduce toothpaste and then helps to make the tooth brushing experience far more positive. You also need to be sure to use lots of praise, and if possible, dental-friendly treats should be a reward. Many experts suppose that we need to pay most attention to the outside of the upper teeth. The bristles also should be at a 45-degree angle to the gum line for sure. You have to move the toothbrush back and forth in an oval pattern being inclusive of the space between the teeth.

When should I start dog brushing?

To be honest, brushing your dog’s pearly whites should start when they’re still a puppy, not wait until they have grown up, surely. As clear as day, it might take longer for a grown-up dog to actually accept toothbrushing without much effort from you, but generally, even if you need to do so, it’s worth the time and effort! To successfully train your pet, you must make it a positive experience from the very first days of his life. 

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