These best electric fences for dogs will give you a peace of mind

Some people build fences to keep animals in, others build fences to keep those out. Whether you consider yourself to be any type above, you may need an electric fence to achieve your aspiration. As soon as an animal walks into the electric fence, it basically senses a powerful shock, this, therefore, can deter those from moving forward. If you are buying an electric fence, it is indispensable to take several things into account before all. In this article, the top 5 of the best electric fences for dogs are gonna be introduced, along with some useful information as much.


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Top 5 Best Electric Fences For Dogs

Top 1: PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence

Plus points:

  • 4 levels of static correction: Your dog’s safety is always taken care of by 4 levels of static correction that is adjustable, and a tone-only mode along with. In case you want your dog to be inside their designated play area, here you are, the best option.
  • Highly fit: No matter what your yard’s dimensions are, this do-it-yourself weekend project allows you to create an in-ground fence based on personalization.
  • Over-correction protection: If your little dog remains in the correction zone for 30 seconds, an automatic safety shut-off feature will intellectually keep your pet from receiving extended static correction for the sake of their safety.
  • Battery-operated collar: Have never thought of a battery-operated collar? This product would probably be a big surprise for you as the collar has a low-battery indicator, the package even comes with a battery already attached.
  • Big capacity: With the purchase of additional collars when needed, this in-ground fence system actually enables you to contain an unlimited number of pets at ease.

Minus point:

  • If you just expect a second-to-none industry-leading company with transcendent customer service, you are highly advised to take a look at others.

Top 2: Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium

Plus points:

  • Waterproof and submersible: If you are a bit hesitant when it comes to advertisements claiming that something is “water-resistant”, this electric fence can remove your concern right away as it includes a collar-receiver completely waterproof and easily be submerged as deep as expected normally.
  • Good guarantee: One-year warranty of a platonic relationship seems to be nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, if you anticipate the same thing from an electric fence, you perhaps can achieve it. This product even offers you an extension of up to 5 years if registered punctually.
  • Reliable source: At times, whether a product is able to stand the test of time banks on where it hails from. Originated from the USA, these electric fences are proudly manufactured in the USA, a well-known place for electrical appliance manufacturing.

Minus point:

  • I bought this product with high hopes that my little would stay in. I tested like I was supposed to. However, it turns out to be a good fit for some certain kinds of small dogs only, guess so.

Top 3: PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

Plus points:

  • ½ acre of circular coverage: This can be an outstanding feature when the adjustable circular range can be able to cover up to ½ acres from the placement of the indoor transmitter as such.
  • Wireless: A wireless boundary is demonstrated to create a secure barrier around your designated playgrounds to keep your pets from being out.
  • Static-free reentry: I once experienced conventional in-ground fences and those got on my nerves, in contrast, this wireless fence lets your pet return home without being corrected only if it passes the boundary.
  • Simple installation: Just within a couple of hours, this portable system is terrific for camping and vacation homes, even if you wish to have been born tech-savvy.
  • Waterproof collar: The waterproof collar is designed to fit dogs 8 pounds and up and adjust to fit neck sizes between the range of 6-28 inches, making it highly compatible with all wireless fence transmitters.
  • Personalization ensured: You purchase any product with a view to personally setting it on your own, not because you fancy any sample fixed. Basically, you now can train your pets to stay in the secure play area with a sound-only training mode of up to 5 levels of static.

Minus point:

  • This electric fence is statistically proven to be a bit unstable when it comes to the number of dogs involved.

Top 4: PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Specialized for tough-to-train dogs: With 4 levels of adjustable static correction and a tone plus vibration mode, you no longer have to be obsessed with stubborn and hyperactive dogs.
  • Suitable for hearing-impaired pets: For some dogs whose hearing loss reversibly affects their safety, vibration mode on the receiver collar makes this a great option for dogs to be guarded with ease.
  • Detailed instructions: This weekend’s do-it-yourself product arrives with clear step-by-step instructions on how to design and install your fence effortlessly. I bet you would get emotional when observing all of your pets freely playing outside the cage.

Minus point:

  • You may be pleased when it works great for the first week or so and then your little dogs start running and walking through it without getting shocked at all. This is the most striking downside that the manufacturer is in an attempt to fix.

Top 5: PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Water-resistant and submersible: Provided with a collar receiver that is one-hundred-percent waterproof and submersible, you can be filled with pleasure each time of use for its extraordinary functionality.
  • Good guarantee: Nothing seems to be better than the caring customer service, including a perfect guarantee after the package is already delivered. This shows the responsibility and reliability of the prominent brand as well. Those are all warranted when you choose the product stemming from this manufacturer.

Minus point:

  • According to the instruction guidebook, the wires are technically required to be connected to a surge protector of some sort. However, this unit is not included in the system, nor are any specs for the surge protector provided in the manual required.

Why do you need an electric fence for your dogs?


While conventional fences work well on flat or gently sloping yards, hidden fencing works on almost all types of terrains. Those electric fences can span hilly spots, wooded areas, and water. Also, electric fences can cover acres of ground in any pattern to create large exercise areas for dogs to play inside.


Invisible fences are, well, invisible only. These barriers do not visually interfere with scenic views or green spaces and increase the feeling of being outdoors as much. People can move around the yard freely without the hassle of opening and closing gates concomitantly. The inconvenience of outlining flags is nonpermanent. Once the dog learns the boundaries of the electric fence, the flags can be removed with ease.


Electronic fences can be set up more quickly than conventional enclosures. Trenching and laying wire takes less time than laying fence posts, nailing boards, welding iron, or rolling wire to be installed.


Dogs with a tendency to climb over, dig under, or chew through fences may be better contained with an electric fence, if financially possible.

Decreased Human Error:

 Pet owners once in a while forget to close a gate, so electric fences reduce the chance of escape in busy households with lots of foot traffic around.


Intruders may be prevented by the presence of a dog in the yard as they aren’t liable to realize that the dog may not actually have any chance to reach them.

How to choose the best electric fences for dogs?

Before you purchase any product, keep those below in your mind:

No electric fence is 100 percent effective 100 percent durable:

Where it is important to have near-total reliability, such as along property lines or separating breeding stock, it’s better to build a combination physical and electric fence or a very solid physical fence for the best experience.

Volts, amps, and pulse length matter simultaneously: 

Though the power recommendations below are given in voltage, it is also important to keep in mind that you need an energizer with sufficient power to fill your fence with amps to keep the pressure (volts) at the level required.

Choose the right voltage range:

Lastly, voltage recommendations are variable based on who is making them because they are based on experience and how cautious the recommender is — which generally varies by region and manufacturer. That said before, most sources recommend a minimum of 4,000 volts for hard-to-keep species and a minimum of 2,000 volts for more docile animals. Anything greater than 8,000 volts is considered more than necessary (some sources say 6,000), and more liable to cause injury. Certainly, many domestic animals will be controlled with much less than 3,000 volts; but if you’re just starting out and would rather be safe than saying sorry, start with these numbers. Other fenceline components (composed of insulators, lead out cables) are designed for only 10,000 volts. If you push this limit you will find you are frequently replacing these items right away.

Best Electric Fences For Dogs FAQs:

How does an electric fence work?

When an animal touches the electrically charged fence wire, he or she senses the electric current as the charge passes through the body. The charge then will complete the circuit through the soil via the ground rod and up the ground wire towards the ground terminal charger as scientifically speaking.

In the case that the animal and the ground terminal charger are not grounded enough, the path of electric current seems not to be completed and your animal will not feel the shock at all. Since the soil provides half of the electric field circuit, it is essential to have a properly installed ground circuit.

Remember that when you wire your electric horse fence, always electrify the top strand. The strand that’s below that must be a ground wire. Beyond that, add and electrify strands according to your containment demands– three for mares and geldings and up to 5 for stallions.

Can an electric fence be able to keep your dogs in, indeed?

It might be a little doubtful whether an electric fence can keep a dog in since the pooch can jump over it as easy as pie. Unlike other fences, electric dog fences set a very strong limitation in your yard for sure. If your pet tries to go beyond that set limit, touching the fence will send an electric shock to its body that senses. This will not kill your dog, but it will cause extreme discomfort and prevent those from moving out.

The fence has an electric charge sending a shock to anyone who will try to touch it. The shock can be from mild to strong, which is adjusted based on the size of the animal also.

Overall, electric fences can be far more dangerous if set up carelessly and if young children are around, so be careful with technological advancement.

What are some side effects of this product?

In some certain cases, a dog traumatized by an electric fence may exhibit aggression and unusual behavior as well. The dog may link the fence to harm, and it may divert its aggression toward someone nearby them. They may also associate a person with harm if someone is visible while they are being zapped.

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