Best electronic dog doors – Reviews & Buying Guide

Create smart entry for your dogs with these best electronic dog doors in the current market.

During this time of social distancing, many people living alone feel less lonely thanks to having little pets in the house. However, they are naughty and active, how can you keep them at home all day? A new invention – the electronic dog door is invented, helping you look after and take care of these four-legged friends better.

Currently, electronic dog doors are available in all sizes, shapes and designs. How can you pick the most suitable one amongst several same products? Let’s find out the top 5 best electronic dog doors in this article to become a smart buyer.


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Top 5 best electronic dog doors

Top 1: PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor – Collar Activated

Power source

The Petsafe electronic dog doors use the battery to run. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the electricity cost each month since it is easy for you to buy the batteries in store. This is a long-lasting product because it may take 3-4 months to change the cordless. Moreover, you will see the red light as an announcement when the battery is low, avoiding all the unexpected problems.


After purchasing this product, you will receive a Smartkey that works as a ticket for your dogs to open and close the door. It consequently bolts behind the pet as they enter when it no longer detects your pet’s Smartkey. You likewise have the alternative to set it to remain open or stay bolted. Moreover, it is waterproof so you can make sure that even a rainy day or bathing time can’t affect this Smartkey.


There are 3 modes in the Petsafe electronic dog door: Locked, Unlocked, and Automatic. You can switch to different modes based on your purposes. Locked mode doesn’t permit section or exit for any pet. On the other hand, unlocked mode permits any pet, even those without SmartKeys, to enter and exit and automatic mode lets pets with enlisted SmartKeys enter and exit. 

Minus point: this electronic dog door brings noise sometimes. 

Top 2: PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor – Electronic Smart Key

Energy efficiency

This electronic dog door is a durable item because it uses the battery to work. It might require 3-4 months to change the batteries, however, they are inexpensive and easy to find in some convenience shops. You don’t have to stress over the power cost every month anymore.


The Petsafe brand provides many features in one product. It highlights programmable particular section, exit, and auto-locking capacities to give accommodation to you and your pets. Also, there is a sturdy plastic edge with LED Indicators, Sensitivity Control, establishment directions, and cutting format that guarantees the safety of your pets. 


Say goodbye to the distraction to your sleep or your work. With this product, you can set an automatic button for your dogs to get in and out of the house easily without your support. Each key uses radio-recurrence ID innovation to impart a sign to the Electronic SmartDoor to open the fold so the pet can enter and exit. 

Minus point: this electronic dog door does not include the warranty.  

Top 3: PERFECT PET The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

Energy efficiency

The PERFECT PET brand cares much about the cost and the environment, therefore, it produces a friendly and energy-saving electronic dog door. It focuses on the design and uses Double Vinyl Flap to make energy-productive air pockets for the most extreme protection. 


This product is available for all types of dogs because it offers 4 sizes, in total. Even if your dogs are small or super large, they can get in and out of the house through the electronic dog door easily and conveniently. 

Customer service

When you purchase this product, you also receive the best customer service from the PERFECT PET brand. If anything happens to your electronic dog door or you do not understand how to make it work, please do not hesitate to call for support. They work seven days a week and are willing to help you immediately. 

Minus point: the seals of this product are a bit loose. 

Top 4: PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door

Energy efficiency

Another product of the Petsafe brand is on the list! Now, you can see the guarantee and reliability of this brand. It reduces your electricity bill by providing many added features. In all weather, this electronic dog door can work well because it eliminates drafts in the winter and moderates cooling in the late spring. 

High-quality material

The Petsafe brand is carefully selecting material to produce the electronic dog door. When compared to other same products, its insulation can block 3 times more thermal energy. You can also find some other benefits such as a sturdy slide-in closing panel that helps you take care of your dogs more effectively.

Customer service

It offers a 1-year warranty after you buy the electronic dog door. Therefore, you can trust and use it every day. If there is something wrong with your product during the use, contact the hotline and receive support.

Minus point: the installation process of this electronic dog door is a bit difficult.

Top 5: PetSafe Single Panel Replacement Pet Door

Good design

One of the excellent points in this product is the design. When most pet owners often care about a problem that the installation of dog doors may make their main doors look uglier, the Petsafe buyers are satisfied for all. The molded and frame of this product are raised and paintable, therefore, they can match many styles and decorations of your house. 

High-quality material

This brand uses Butyl sealant material to make a water-tight seal. Even in the rain or cold weather, your dog door can stay safe and work on its best. Moreover, a 2-fold framework gives double the security from climate and drafts for incredible energy effectiveness. 

Customer service

Do not worry because the support of the experts in the USA works 6 days a week to answer your questions. If you are concerned or have some problems with the product such as installation or warranty, call them and you will receive what you need. 

Minus point: the folds of the product don’t close to make any sort of a seal.

Why should I  buy an electronic dog door?

The electronic dog door is a smart item, helping you take care of your pets much more easily. Of course, all of you can guess the main function of this product is convenience since it reduces your time and effort opening and closing the door for your dogs. It will be tiring and annoying if you come back home after a long day and your dogs keep waking you up. Moreover, you can effectively control the safety and behavior if your dogs are too young or old. There are some issues such as a scratched door or exhibit other negative behavior on the furniture that will no longer happen anymore. The electronic dog door frees your dogs to be active all the time.

In the previous years, there has been a periodic news report on pet proprietors who leave their dogs outside throughout the colder time of year or summer, and from disregard or absent-mindedness on the proprietor’s end, the dog was seriously harmed or even passed on from the outrageous climate conditions. With an electronic dog door, your dogs know where they can get in and out of the house that reduces some unexpected trouble. 

How can I choose the right electronic dog door for my pet?

Most pet owners are confused when choosing a suitable electronic dog door because they do not know clearly about the considered features. It is important as the wrong type can affect the way an electronic dog door works.

  • Location: The main consideration to remember while picking an entryway plan for your pet is the area the entryway will be fixed. There is a developing pattern of various styles of canine entryways being introduced in walls and not simply entryways. A pet entryway picked for a deck entryway or sliding entryway, for instance, will be developed of various materials.
  • The type of animals and their sizes: each type of dog has different sizes and needs, therefore, you need to figure it out clearly. The significant interesting point here is your pet’s size needs that change as per your pet’s physical and his present circumstance. A few pets are timider than others, and here and there individuals have a Chihuahua offering a pet way to a monster German Shepherd. Huge canines would consistently prefer not to leap to overcome a pet entryway.
  • Features: some electronic dog doors provide more added features such as a bell or whistle. Some pet entryways are built with premium materials that decrease temperature changes, that are impervious to searing/chipping.

Best Electronic Dog Doors FAQs

How do I train my pet to use the door?

You can try several ways to train your dog to use a new electronic dog door like gentle push, call, or support. In more detail, if your dog is not active much, you can open the door and ask for some help from friends to call the dog. At that time, push your dog softly on its body to increase the courage. Repeat this method 5-10 times for your dog to get used to it. Or you just stop your dog using the main regular door for half a month. This will urge him to utilize the pup entryway to go out. Moreover, you can put his meal on the opposite side of the way to encourage him to utilize the entryway all alone.

Does a pet door make it easier for burglars to break in?

It will be not easy for burglars to break into your house through an electronic dog door since it provides more smart features than the original dog doors. Moreover, if you install a small dog door, it is not convenient for burglars because they may get stuck their heads in the door. Some brands offer a smart key for your pets after purchasing. Then if the burglars do not have the smart key of your pets, it is hard for them to break in.

Do I have color choices?

That relies upon the pet entryway maker. There are three areas where you might need to pick your tones. The casing of the pet entryway can be built of plastic or aluminum. Plastic edges will be standard on the most economical entryways, yet aluminum outlines are accessible in a few tones. A few producers offer fold tones notwithstanding clear which are helpful when utilized in a washroom or room for protection and light control. The last place where you may have a shading decision is on the cover.

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