Freedom or control with the best GPS trackers for dogs? Which one is better?

One of the best parts of nurturing a dog is that you can simply share your life’s adventures with an eager playmate for the most part. However, every now and then, life with your canine companion can be actually anxiety-inducing, too, particularly if your pooch never misses a chance to do an escape act or even has undying devotion for chasing a bunny off into the sunset. Whether you’re continuously running after your little curious canine or you just want to get your playful pup a little more freedom, a GPS is always necessary for such circumstances. Take a look at the top 5 of the best GPS trackers for dogs before buying! I am not sure whether or not you can figure out the best fit for you, but at least, I hope it can be somehow beneficial whenever you think of a tracking device for your furry friend.


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Top 5 Best GPS Trackers for Dogs to Consider

Top 1: Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Plus points:

  • Live tracking and location history: Dogs are, hands down, active and they love their instinct so much. There comes a time you cannot physically take care of your dog anymore, but who knows what he will be able to do if being free from your control? That is the point. This device offers live tracking for every movement of your little friend. You even have access to location history if needed. Don’t consider this to be privacy-intriguing, as you are just taking responsibility to be a truthful friend of him.
  • Virtual fence: No one wants their life-long friend to get into trouble with the intricate world of humans when getting out of his comfort zone, me too. But how to take control over him for every minute? It appears impossible, but practically speaking, nothing is impossible, honestly. This product can help you to define certain safe places and get instant notifications if your pet suddenly leaves the chosen areas due to kittenish behaviors.
  • As far as possible: Alright, we know that you can easily keep track of your dogs everywhere, but how far is it? My answer is “almost limitless”. Whether you are on a business trip outside the country, or you are discovering another land in the world with enthusiasm, you can also get the latest update from the app in hand.

Minus point:

  • Battery life is around 12 hours of use or even less if you are applying LIVE tracking, meaning that for some parts of each day, the tracker will be charged and not monitoring the dog as meant. 

Top 2: Whistle Go Explore and Location Tracker for Pets

Plus points:

  • Real-time forever: Some of you here have already paid a lot of money for the service of dog tracking but everything turns out to be not up to par, as real-time for every track will not always be ensured, and this sometimes leads to loads of unpredictable consequences. I get that, of course, been there- done that, too! This, however, can help you out by solving such issues in no time. With real-time tracking, you are able to set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they’ve made a sneaky escape, or are 3,000 miles away. You are expected to receive notifications if your pet’s location leaves a chosen safe area.
  • Health tracking: Yes, you didn’t misread, this device enables us to even keep an eye on the health-related activities of our furry friends. For whatever you want, from monitoring activity levels, calories, distance, to a host of other activities, along with behaviors like licking, scratching, and the like. I cannot say that I love all the things belonging to the tracker, but some of its features are really cutting-edge. You can get recommendations on food portions on the basis of activity levels, breed, age, and weight as well.

Minus point:

  • It works unstably from time to time, so you cannot expect it to be 100% accurate. 

Top 3: Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker

Plus points:

  • As smart as a phone: The world of dogs has millions of unexpected things that humans have not been familiar with. We are step by step gaining insights into such a world, not because of dominance ambition, just because we wanna be better friends with them. This GPS tracker is as smart as a phone that you are holding in your hands, it requires service plan connectivity to enable data to be transmitted, it even helps you get to know more about the daily activities of pets, and more than that.
  • Waterproof and fashionable: For some people, forcing dogs to wear an old-fashioned tracker means they cannot expose their love, I guess so if they consider themselves to be wealthy and also want the best designers for their little friends. This product is made to fulfill their expectations, as it is certainly beautiful and in fashion as well. Other than that, it is 100% waterproof, so if unfortunately, your little friend gets it wet, it is still okay, no need for further maintenance or any replacement as such.

Minus point:

  • Tracking takes a pretty long time to initiate, this may cause you to get irritated if urgent. 

Top 4: SportDog – SD-425 and Field Trainer

Plus points:

  • Miles away? Never be a distance: Modern people seem to be snowed under with tons of stuff, ranging from family to social relationships, to romantic rapports, and generally have no more time than just enough to chill with a cup of coffee, to take care of their dogs physically. Don’t let those aforesaid take you two apart because, for dogs who tend to wander off or roam long distances, this GPS tracker is made into a collar equipped with an antenna that can help locate them up to nine miles away. Distance? No problem!
  • Long-lasting battery: I once used a GPS tracker of another brand, it was almost perfect aside from its battery. I was extremely unsatisfied with the capacity, as it worked around 6 hours including LIVE tracking, oh no, that would never be enough for such a busy businessman like me. I then chose this product, with a view to tracking my dog longer regardless of geographical location. It actually lives up to my expectations, as it lasts around 16 hours as max, and personally, for me, that is too enough for my demand.

Minus point:

  • This is not a good fit for long-haired dogs, it may work not as effectively as such. 

Top 5: Dogtra 1900S and 1902S Remote Training Collar

Plus points:

  • Designed with purpose: More than just a GPS tracker for dog hobbyists to check on their beloved friends, this system is the unit of choice for even seriously award-winning professional trainers in pet obedience, hunting, competition trials, so on and so forth. However, for me, it may just work as a device allowing me to keep an eye on my dog, that is!
  • Water-resistant: If you are still worried about your dog getting soaking wet and then this adversely affects the device attached, you are probably mistaken. The product is waterproof, meaning that every intentional or indeliberate contact with water is harmless for sure.

Minus point:

  • The battery may not be up to par, as it lasts pretty short, but if this is not really of great importance to you, just ignore it and move forward.  

Why do you need a GPS tracker for your dog?

One important advantage of using a GPS tracker is the fact most GPS trackers will monitor the dog’s fitness level as well as their health status at the time like their heart rate. From time to time, we don’t know whether our dogs are getting the exercise they need or just sitting around the backyard not doing anything at all, instead. The GPS tracker enables you to keep track of how much exercise they have been obviously getting each day practically.

The next benefit is the fact a lost dog or sometimes runaway dog now feels a lot easier to find their home without the stress of wondering where they are. Sometimes appointments are unexpectedly missed, or pet owners turn up late to work in the sense that they were too busy looking for their lost dog too. If your dog is wearing the tracker that has been carefully chosen, it is as easy as opening the app and then tracking exactly where the dog is before starting to find him. 

Everyone brings their phone with them most of the time in the day. The advantage of the technology loaded into the GPS trackers is that they are smartphone-friendly first. You can get most notifications easily from wherever you are.

The pet trackers are pet friendly as they just attach to your dog’s collar and don’t irritate the skin or produce any harsh chemicals too. Your dog won’t suffer any reactions adversely as using the collar.

The tracker can also detect your dog’s location, which is great for those times when a dog may be stolen intentionally. You can take the information to the police of the dog’s location then the police can easily as well as quickly retrieve your dog. The newer models are very compact and kinda unsuspecting, so someone who has stolen your dog may not even notice it is around. 

Best GPS Trackers for Dogs FAQs:

Is it worth buying a Bluetooth or a radio tracker?

Radiofrequency (RF), a data transmission tech on the basis of radio waves, is a technology that features a wider signal coverage. In the meanwhile, Bluetooth, a type of radiofrequency (RF), is known as an open wireless tech for transmitting data regarding location over just short distances only. These are older types of dog tracks that may not be as efficient as the newer products since these radio dog trackers can provide information on your dog’s distance as well as direction and of course, not their real-time position only. Another downside of it is that weather can actually weaken the locating functionality.

However, I think you should consider the advantages too. They can easily locate your dogs for up to 5 miles, which is ideal for remote regions, and also can even operate without access to GPS satellites or cell sites for the most part. 

How do GPS trackers work in tracking dogs?

A GPS chip in the tracker needs your pet’s position and then it will send the information accumulated to the internet and your smartphone mainly through cell coverage. Typically, an app is applied to display your pet’s location on a map so that you can review it when needed. Base stations are typically applied to establish the link between the tracker that is attached to your dog’s collar, and sometimes your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well.

How much should you spend on a GPS tracker?

How much money you got in your wallet is transparently going to have a great impact on which models you end up considering for sure. Once you’ve figured out what you’re gonna use the GPS pet tracker for, you’ll be getting to choose the best deal on a tracking device. Also, take into account the plan you’re gonna avail. Most GPS trackers do not offer service upon purchase, and monthly cost ranges from as low as $6 to as much as $50. For the most part, the cost of a GPS tracker generally has nothing to do with accuracy, honestly. An exorbitant GPS tracker isn’t actually more powerful than a cheaper model for better performance.

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