Let’s chill with your dog with these best kayaks for dogs

When it comes to choosing dog-friendly kayaks, every option can be hard to consider. There is obviously a range of choices, however, knowing the best value for money and the best one to suit both of you (I literally mean you and your little friend) can feel a bit more overwhelming. Material and colors and a variety of other factors are all necessary to take into account. Let me help you out with the list of the best kayaks for dogs below. Hopefully, this summer, you can be carefree with your four-legged friend on a lake with the best one chosen. 


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Top 5 Best Kayaks for Dogs You Should Not Miss

Top 1: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars

Plus points:

  • Comfortable and relaxing: On a very sunny adorable day, you wanna be comfortable on a kayak with your beloved girl or boyfriend? Yahoo, it sounds fantastic, but where to find her or him? Or are you just illusional and soon get disappointed? Alright, don’t have to be in an attempt to live on the internet, because actually, even if you don’t have a partner, there is still your lovely loyal friend: a dog! Enjoying the sun and surfing with him will be even more ideal than sharing that feeling with your lover.
  • Bright colors: There is always a hazard behind the great moment of happiness when deciding to discover the world, it is inevitable. However, with this bright-color kayak for dogs, you both can be absolutely safe and even in the worst-case scenarios, the kayak also increases visibility so that you can get assistance as soon as possible.
  • Convenient: This sturdy kayak is ideal for all types of trips together with your dog around, if you consider yourself a wanderlust, from longer journeys on choppy waters to floats in tranquil lakes, it can work well. As claimed by the manufacturer, it’s extremely stable even if you take multiple dogs along.

Minus point: The product moves through the water more like a rubber raft rather than a kayak, honestly speaking. 

Top 2: Intex Challenger Kayak Inflatable Set with Aluminum Oars

Plus points:

  • Lightweight: Leave behind your work commitment and all the like, just feel free like a bird and get to know more about the outer world with your little friend, that is my advice with this kayak. This product is super lightweight and perfect for all road trips, in the sense that storage and transporting are always effortless for sure. Nothing is more amazing than treating both of you the great bonding together.
  • Low cost: Traveling has long been a dream of many people who have a passion for discovery but cannot afford to pursue their dream. Alright, costs will never be a concern for you anymore, just because this kayak is by far the lowest item sold just for a fraction of the price. Never feel pressure bringing your dog along just because of worries associated with cost only.
  • Sporty and attractive: Aside from being convenient with a lot of benefits attached, the kayak also features a sporty and eye-catching look for sports enthusiasts like me, and maybe like you too. That seems a bit boring as we cannot enjoy our second-to-none moments with canines just on account of the appearance of the kayak, however, from now on, this product can surely live up to your expectation.

Minus point:

  • This raft features no drain hole so if you basically are okay with the water sitting in the raft and willing to deal with mold and gross stuff, then you can ignore this.

Top 3: Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak

Plus points:

  • Large and high-capacity: For general demand of use, a kayak for both people including you and your little loyal dog is okay for most of the time. But, how to handle it if he has his own girlfriend and wanna take her along with you both? It sounds hilarious but sometimes you also need to care about his longing regarding romantic life. There comes the role of a very large and high-capacity product like this.
  • Convenient: The boat is actually designed with built-in rod holders for the sake of dog-owning anglers, footrests, and even interchangeable fins that you can easily swap out to match the depth of the water surely. Dogs love the feeling of being with you throughout the journey, so just take advantage of this opportunity to show your appreciation for having him around.

Minus point: Due to the high capacity, it is sort of heavy and there is also one handle on the side only. 

Top 4: Perception Pescador Pro 12 and Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Plus points:

  • Comfortable: An entire day on the water obviously needs ultimate comfort for both you and your dog, and this product is built for just that. The feature that I love most probably is the roomy and removable captain’s chair to enhance cooling airflow where you need it precisely. Other than that, the entire seat slides forwards and backward alternatively to get you in the most comfortable pedaling position ever as such.
  • Durable: Just in case you don’t wanna spend a big buck on the replacement of a new product, this is a great choice. This kayak is designed for maximum durability as well as optimized weight. A replaceable skid plate aims to add additional protection as dragging your gear-loaded kayak to the water and enjoy a whale of a time with your baby dog. Regarding material, stainless steel and brass hardware deter corrosion for long-lasting performance as yearn.

Minus point:

  • Personally, the product itself is obviously over-priced and the chair is laughable that can be easily replaced with any of the generic ones you find at beach city drug stores. 

Top 5: Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Plus points:

  • Spacious: The product has room for two adults or, even more than that, one person with one dog, and a host of gear too. There is also plenty of free space in front of both paddlers as having been long wished by so many customers so that the dog will never feel cramped. As for the seats, they are super relaxing, inflatable, and made of the same tough material as the rest of the kayak, for durability as desired.
  • Enjoyable: While it might appear a bit unusual to have a dog going on a trip with you, regardless of a girlfriend, this kayak proves that it is actually possible for a human and a dog to share the same hobby. It comes with a wide cockpit with a relaxable seat that makes it an ideal kayak for dogs that are smaller. You can simply chill out with him for the most part without concern with being alone anymore.

Minus point:

  • It is good but not exceptionally great because fishing accessories are poorly placed, so you may easily bump into them when rowing.

How to choose a dog kayak for use?

Before considering the best one for dogs, you should bear in mind those significant pieces of information:

Single or tandem

A tandem kayak is far more spacious and even provides a dedicated seat to your best friend, thus, they are perhaps a better choice. On the other hand, single-seat kayaks are lighter for pets, but they will sometimes be too cramped for medium-sized and even big dogs for sure.

Sit on top and sit In kayaks

Sitting on top kayaks is the choice you should go for as paddling with your dog as sure as hell. They will never feature an enclosed space like sit-in kayaks, meaning that your dog can sprawl out and then move around without getting antsy as such.

Inflatables and hard shells

While applying an inflatable kayak for your dog may seem like a very unusual idea, they are not actually made with the same low-quality plastic material that beach balls every now and then. Thanks to their high-end materials and portability, those can be a great option to kayak with dogs surely. Having said, hard shells are still a much better option regarding durability but weigh more and aren’t as effortless as such to transport.

Kayaks you should avoid when kayaking with your dogs

Sea kayaks are not a very good kayak for getting around the world as a wanderlust with dogs. They are often narrower than other types, which means your pup will not ever have much space inside. Sea kayaks are also supposed to be designed differently than conventional kayaks and concentrate on secondary rather than primary stability. In the light of this, they might rock too much as standing still which your dog may find a lot more uncomfortable. One more type of kayak you shouldn’t buy is whitewater kayaks because they have just enough room for a single person only. They are generally controlled by moving your body in the direction you wish – which you won’t be able to do with your little friend – a dog – on board.


The width and length of your kayak will be chosen by the size of your dog. A smaller breed like a Maltese, for instance, will basically need less space than a bigger dog like a German Shepard. Either way, I recommend that you should buy a long kayak (10+ feet long) with a large open dog platform for the kayak at the bow as well as a beamwidth of at least 30 inches for the best use as wished. As a bonus, the extra width in kayaks that are built for dogs will make improvements for stability and deter them from tipping as your dog moves around. 

Best Kayaks for Dogs FAQs

Is it possible to train your dog to use a kayak?

Prior to getting into the water, it’s not a bad idea to be sure that your dog understands all the basic commands of both sittings still as well as staying calm. When your dog has already mastered those skills on dry land, that is time for you to think about using doggie kayaks as well as transferring them to the water.

How to get your dog used to be on the boat?

Familiarizing your dog with a kayak is an idea that should not start in the water. Instead, place the kayak in your yard then enable your dog to explore it first while creating positive relations with treats as well. As your dog is 100% comfortable, you can start to sit inside with them as well as start introducing them to calm waters for the next trip.

Where are the best places to go kayaking with dogs?

To start off, I highly recommend sticking to flat lakes so as to make sure your pup gets comfortable. Once that already happens, you can go quite much anywhere being inclusive of touring and weekend-long trips as well. Nevertheless, don’t forget to do the research beforehand and be sure the area is dog-friendly, too.

Can a dog be able to go in an inflatable kayak?

Yes, they actually can be able to. Both hard and inflatable kayaks are supposed to be more than suitable for your dogs. Whether you choose a hard or inflatable kayak, it all depends on your own personal tastes, for sure. An inflatable model seems to be far easier to transport and carry in the event that you have less space than usual. On the other hand, it takes longer to set up for the reason that you have to pump it up – this could demonstrate difficulty if your dog misbehaves for sure. As long as you feel you are comfortable using an inflatable model, you can do so, by all means, alright!

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