Best rawhides for dogs to be taken into account

Practically considering, chewing is a natural dog behavior, and there are also loads of ways to maintain this, including safe dog rawhide. Scientifically proven, dog rawhide is able to offer mental stimulation and simultaneously keep your dogs’ teeth fresh and clean most of the time. But before handing over any product, you should probably be armed well with some noticeable information to be sure of what is good for your canine. To help you with such, there is a list consisting of the best rawhides for dogs to be taken into account!


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Top 5 best rawhides for dogs to consider

Top 1: Cowdog Chews Retriever All Natural Rawhide Product

Plus points:

  • Natural: Psychologically speaking of a product, customers have a tendency to prefer natural-related to fully artificial. That applies to rawhides too. You can feel the essence of nature on account of many variations for measures, colors, and picture presentation. The difference in color, thickness, and density makes sure that the product is basically natural!
  • Teeth-protecting: Have you ever thought of a dog without teeth? It would be so ridiculous! But, stop laughing at that, because a dog without healthy teeth and fresh breath is even more hilarious. By applying this product, you can see the positive progress of your dog’s teeth, making them less plaque and tartar build-up on and gives you a sense of pleasure looking at your beloved kid.
  • Safe: Generally, artificial colors are preferable in terms of colorful and eye-catching appearance, stimulating appetite, and increasing sales through rebuying of customers. Hence, more and more preservatives are added with a view to getting products sold better and faster. However, that will never be the strategy of this company, as they aim at quality over quantity, so you can be relieved with no artificial colors or preservatives going into the ingredients of any rawhide!

Minus point:

  • The rawhide is not meant for big dogs, as it is sort of small.

Top 2: SmartBones SmartSticks Chews for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Easy-to-digest: The human digestive system is much more powerful than that of a dog, but it will also feel difficult whenever having to digest rough and tough foods, and easy to get hurt sooner or later. So, what can you expect from a little dog when giving them hard-to-digest rawhide? Absolutely it will do the same thing, meaning do harm more than good. This product is based on a special formula for quicker and easier digestion, making sure your little babies enjoy rawhide wholeheartedly without being hurt later. Let’s say goodbye to the days and nights you cry because your four-legged friends feel bad.
  • Well-made: With prominent-quality ingredients saying no to colored additives or chemicals, this rawhide ensures healthy development holistically for dogs. The formula itself strongly stimulates my appetite with a vegetable and peanut butter outside wrapped deliciously around real chicken inside. Humans also feel a great desire for its specialty, thus, you can just imagine a dog delectably chewing it around your feet. Such a scrumptious supplement!
  • Healthy teeth: A beautiful smile is individually defined as one without plague and tartar around waiting for an opportunity to pose a hazard to your little dogs. With this product, you can be less stressed regarding your friends’ healthy teeth, believe me!

Minus point:

  • Some dogs may not be interested in the flavor of the rawhide much. 

Top 3: Pawstruck Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Healthy for dogs: How often do you care about the health of your dog? Maybe you religiously take him to veterinarians and get him back after fully paying money for the most expensive services there and happy for taking full responsibility. However, have you ever thought that love for animals hails from very small actions like knowing well what should feed them and what you should avoid treating dogs? If you have been long oblivious of that, let this rawhide remind you of the fact that dogs cannot be healthy with difficult-to-digest food, including rawhide.
  • Less odor and clean teeth: These natural dog dental chews aid in removing harmful plaque and tartar naturally, meaning that you can easily make improvements in overall dental health by effectively reducing smell, and cleaning dog breath without any risk of plastic bones or rawhides. I did it successfully and I am waiting for your same too!
  • High-quality: Made in prime facilities adhering to the strict requirements, rawhide here is tested frequently for sustaining the best quality throughout time. Treating a dog is nothing but also like treating our own offspring, so no one perhaps wants their little kids to be harmful by accepting low-quality offers. This is a good choice, in that case!

Minus point:

  • The smell of the product is not really odor-friendly to humans, as I personally every time I feed my dog, he tastily chews it while I just wanna vomit right away. 

Top 4: Snooks Sweet Potato Dog Chips

Plus points:

  • Specifically for dogs: Research has sarcastically shown that dogs generally love playing and eating rawhide more than cuddling their love partners. It sounds like no one can tempt canines apart from scrumptious rawhide. If your little baby belongs to the group as such, you probably should be noted that rawhide is specifically made for dogs and this product plays such a role to be a friend of your dogs all the time without you. Let it help you out!
  • Sweet and delicious: I transparently cannot give the rawhide a try to make my review far more realistic to you, but actually, my dog eats it without hesitation, he even shows his intention to have more, meaning that it is kinda flavorsome to those.
  • Good customer service: I initially got into a couple of troubles with the delivery service itself, and after contacting them, I got them all troubleshot with peace of mind.

Minus point:

  • The rawhide is not practically made for a dog bigger than a chihuahua, so be mindful of that. 

Top 5: Zuke’S Z-Bones Dog Dental Chews, Clean Berry Crisp

Plus points:

  • Long-lasting: Its large size makes it last longer than any other product directly competing at the same price range. With the same price paid, you get more than a bargain, it is actually a deal that benefits you hugely regarding money. Also, you should be conscious that long-lasting doesn’t mean it is hard to digest, and your little babies can still have it dissolved easily without any concern.
  • Clean and clear: For many dog keepers, like me and loads of others out there, we do love dogs and devotedly take care of them but work pressure makes it thousand times harder than usual. We cannot frequently brush our dogs’ teeth, we cannot make sure they all the time alright with their smile, and simply we choose this product, on behalf of us, to play such an important role. From the first day using it, the rawhide gradually cleans well and for now, my little dogs’ teeth are even brighter than mine, surely!

Minus point:

  • The rawhide is really dense bone so if your dog is only 30 pounds or less than that, you probably may want to go for the smaller size, otherwise, there is likely that you will need to take it away halfway through to avoid vomiting for sure. 

How to choose the best rawhide for dogs?

There are obviously some primary factors you need to consider before deciding what is a good fit for your dogs:


Some canines are very sensitive to the size of the chew bone you treat them with. Too big then they will not touch it, though they will chew for hours on ends on a smaller bone. Generally, smaller dogs love smaller bones, but the reverse is not all the time true. Many bigger dogs show their hesitancy to big bones, resulting in owners believing, incorrectly, that bones do not interest them so much. Some kinds of dogs will never even touch a rawhide bone that they find too big for them to chill out with. Fortunately, rawhide chews come in a range of sizes and shapes. It is vital that the chew be big enough as well as thick enough that your dog cannot effortlessly chew off and swallow either a big piece or the whole chew at once. A perpetual rule of thumb is that the chew should be around two times or less than that of the size of the dog’s mouth for the best use.

Hardness and Texture: 

Apart from sizes, the consistency of the bone you give your dog is one more factor to think of. Aggressive chewers can chew down an ideal size rawhide bone in a very short time. For these dogs, try treating pressed rawhide which is compressed and harder, and definitely lasts longer. In the event that your dog chews for short periods with a soft bite, a smaller rawhide bone that is actually easy to soften will be more preferable. 


The flavor is very essential to many dogs. Try a vast variety of types to see which ones your dog enjoys. Remember that almost all dogs like to chew all the time possible. Try to find a few types your dog likes regarding flavors. When he loses interest in the one he is enthusiastically working on, you have to hands down switch to the other. Rawhide that needs more than 7 days to chew should be absolutely replaced, in the light of dirt and bacteria buildup. If your dog is currently suffering from gastrointestinal disease or is eating a therapeutic diet, you’d better seek a veterinarian’s approval prior to feeding any chews.

Best rawhides for dogs FAQs:

Are there any risks associated with rawhide?

Choking or blockages are the most common problems that may happen if treated improperly. Rawhide bones as well as other edible chews can pose a choking and blockage hazard for sure. Practically, this is considered a much bigger risk than contamination or even digestive irritation itself. In the event that your dog swallows large pieces, the rawhide possibly gets stuck in the esophagus or some other parts of the digestive tract for a certain period. Being dependent on its size and where it is located, a professional vet may remove these pieces kinda easily through the throat of him. But from time to time, abdominal surgery is required to take them out of the stomach or intestines. If it isn’t resolved, a blockage can basically result in death.

Which dogs should you not give chews?

If your dog indicates any sign of gastrointestinal disease or he is already on a therapeutic diet, you should look for a veterinarian’s approval prior to feeding any chews. Canines with beef allergies or that always swallow bones whole should perhaps not receive chews unattended. So be mindful of those for your dogs to be as healthy as wished. 

How long should your dogs chew on rawhide?

Whether you give your dog a raw bone, or rawhide, or even every now and then a non-digestible chew toy, you should always attentively supervise their chewing whenever possible. Dogs will normally chew for hours on end if you let them do so, thus, make sure you will remove the chew after 10-15 minutes for safety purposes and the like. 

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