How to buy the best rugs for dogs? Your answer is right here. 

In the case that you have a cute pup, there is a high chance you have a rug that, at a couple of points, has been recently ruined by your fluffy friend. After getting my own lesson with far too many destroyed rugs to itemize, I decided to take a deep dive into the overwhelming world of dog rugs. At least, for now, I am able to share with you the best names in the list of the best rugs for dogs and they may be helpful to some degree. 


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Top 5 Best rugs for dogs you should know

Top 1: My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dog Door Mat

Plus points:

  • Soft and warm: Freezing winter is coming so close, if your dog hasn’t had any partner to share stories of those hard days with, chances are he will feel super lonely and… I guess you have already experienced the feeling of a forever-alone youngster, it is not really comfortable and the same emotion would apply to dogs surely. With this warm and soft rug, dogs will feel less solitude somehow, hopefully.
  • Absorbent: Dogs love playing all day long if you allow them to. I don’t usually limit the daily time that mine can go out and compulsorily get back home, but I do have to set the rule so that he has to conform if wanna get a reward. Before setting foot on the floor, it is a must that my dog clean itself well on the very absorbent rug placed on the terrace. It works really professionally, honestly speaking.
  • Quick-drying: If you don’t want your dogs to turn the mode of “very slow” on whenever he rubs his feet and wait until it is completely dry, this product is meant for you. It boosts the drying process to a “fast and furious” level for sure. Let’s say goodbye to time-wasting moments!

Minus point: The rug itself is not really thick and sort of small for large dogs to clean.

Top 2: Furhaven Pet – ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat

Plus points:

  • Keep floor clean all the time: Work pressure gets us irritated every time getting back home, and we all have a tendency to blame every stain on the floor for dogs. That is unfair because if we do care about that sooner, we should have bought him a rug so that he could clean himself well before entering the home. This product will never let the same circumstance happen again, as it is designed to soak up water, moisture, and trap dirt, sand, and even a couple of other miscellaneous debris with a view to helping protect your floors from pet-related messes, accidents as well.
  • Multipurpose: The rug’s surface contains a collection of absorbent and soft microfiber chenille filaments that make it a second-to-none floor mat, doormat, food mat, and even sleeping mat. No matter what you intend to apply as the rug can be a suitable fit for all.
  • Multi-colored: As far as I can see, some customers lean towards the harmonization of blending loads of colors when it comes to choosing rugs for their dogs. For example, a blue rug will be ideal for the living room and a red one will be no more of a useful rub for the kitchen floor. That sounds fantastic, and you can get whatever you want if using this brand’s offering.

Minus point:

  • It also looks pretty out of the box but you likely have to be disappointed a bit if informed that it will not hold up over time.

Top 3: Faux Fur Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Plus points:

  • Luxurious: The rug is aesthetically designed to offer our furry friends the ultimate place to rest while blending well with the home with its modern and attractive appearance. If you are considering such an elegant but eye-catching product, this rug is a good option anyway!
  • Health-beneficial: For some dogs getting in trouble with joint pain and mobility, using this rug is another way to partially improve the health condition. It sounds like an unbelievable benefit, of course, I used to think so, but after getting it home and applied to my dog, it turns out to be more of a massaging machine than just a rug for cleaning purposes only.
  • Easy to clean: A soft and smooth product is always the priority when it comes to rugs for dogs, as it features a host of benefits along with convenience also. However, have you ever wondered how you can clean such a thick rub if needed? Stains are unavoidable but don’t worry, since this product is actually removable and washable in cold water, it doesn’t take you much time and effort too.

Minus point:

  • If you hope to receive a rug with thicker foam as advertised, I guess you may feel unsatisfied as the product arrives. 

Top 4: Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket for Couch Sofa Bed

Plus points:

  • More of a blanket than a rug: If you are afraid that your large dog will get cold in the winter, it is actually an unnecessary worry since the rug is more of a large blanket that can cover the whole body of a big dog, for the best sleep ever. Sometimes, getting home late, drunk, I just wish to share the same bed with my little friend, as it is even warmer than mine, honestly.
  • Waterproof: Does your dog often wet his bed at night? If not, you are lucky, but if he does, you are also still lucky. This rug is 100% waterproof, which means no droplet of water can penetrate into the blanket, making sure you don’t have to religiously clean it. Being busy with the treadmill of life gets us more time for work, family, and then cannot make a point to take care of our dog at a high frequency. However, from now on, no concern is associated with cleaning the rug anymore, I bet you.

Minus point: This dog blanket must be hand-washed, so it is quite inconvenient. 

Top 5: SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad and Free Puppy Grooming Gloves/Quilted

Plus points:

  • Thicker with four layers: Have you ever been in the dilemma of allowing your dog to sleep with you or respecting the privacy of you both? Maybe you have ever thought of the latter option, but that leads to another question: “Whether or not your dog is still able to keep warm?”. That makes sense, as you never want your little friend to feel lonely, anyway. With this product, your little dog will never feel freezing at night, as it contains four layers of fabrics. Saying goodbye to both worry and cold nights? Yep, it is actually possible!
  • Multifunctional: This pet pad is more than just a potty training supply only. The long-lasting design makes them perfectly compatible with indoor and outdoor use. They are great for protecting carpet, wood floor, furniture, dog crates as well as car seats during travel.

Minus point:

  • As decent as its quality, it is not really comfortable for dogs all night. It would be more ideal if there was softer cotton material. 

How to choose the best rug for dogs?

You cannot find loads of rugs that are marketed as “pet-proof,” yet you can find those that feature the characteristics that make them actually last longer and remain looking better, in the case that you have a pooch at home.


Different types of rugs are made of distinguished fabrics and several of which stand up better to pet-precipitated abuse than some others normally do. Wool and Nylon are known to be among the most resilient and durable choices, although polyester is also a good option.

Wool is, nevertheless, much more expensive than polyester or nylon on so many levels. Olefin is a comparatively acceptable material for rug construction, yet those made from rayon as well as silk are best avoided for sure.


Dark colors are absolutely preferable in many cases because they won’t show dirt as transparently as light-colored rugs will. However, you must think of your dog’s color too. Even if your dog isn’t a heavy shedder, he’ll still contribute his own fibers to those of rugs he lays on. Choose a dark rug in a home with a light-colored pup, thus, you’ll be able to spend all your spare time vacuuming up his hair.


Like color, the pattern of any rug you purchase can obviously make a big difference in the way it shows dog hair too, as sure as hell. Plain, single-color rugs generally let you see each as well as every hair against the solid background; complex, patterned rugs basically help de-emphasize a dog’s shed fur as such.

Avoid rugs with tassels or even fringe

Even dogs that don’t issue chewers seem to be attracted to the fringe, or a couple of other loose threads attached to the edges of rugs, curtains, and many other fabrics. These can represent a safety hazard and eventually result in intestinal blockage in the case that they’re swallowed; hence, just skip them and avoid the issue completely.

FAQs about the best rugs for dogs

What kind of rug is easiest to clean?

I would definitely recommend an indoor/outdoor rug for a far easier to clean. Because outdoor rugs are generally made to withstand all the weather can throw at them, they have a tendency to be an ideal match for most pets. In the light of the materials used in these rugs, they are really easy to scrub and bleach, thus, you can wash out all stains. The sound of an outdoor rug inside may get you shocked, but gone are actually the days of boring outdoor rugs for sure.

Why do so many dogs love laying on rugs?

There are two reasons, either to relieve an itch or so as to mark with scent also. For a dog, a great analogy is actually what they wish their place to smell like home, meaning it smells like those dogs also. Figures we’re really at opposites on this factor. Here we are in an attempt to rid our homes of any doggie smell as well as they’re doing to the best of their capability to stink the place up! And as they accidentally encounter a weird smell, usually, they would love to pee on it, but for the most part, they’ve been told not to do that inside, so they just roll, marking the spot that uses the scent glands on the basis of their tails instead.

Why should you clean your rug frequently?

In general, the damaging effects of dirt, grit, and grime on your gorgeous carpet is something that you don’t normally see, surely. Grit basically wears away and then cuts at carpet fibers in the sense that they are generally walked on or where kids often choose to play. High-traffic paths in your house will mat over time in the light of fiber abrasion, which can finally result in fiber loss.

How long do rugs take to dry?

Drying time is typically about two hours, depending on the weather as well as carpet thickness. If you want your rug to dry faster, just open windows and doors, or turn on your air conditioning, even dehumidifier or fan heater, if possible, for faster drying. To avoid stains, if replacing furniture prior to the time carpet is completely dry, you should place plastic or aluminum foil under furniture legs to get the best results. 

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