Best sofas for dogs – a not-too-bad choice for extreme weather! 

Having long been existing as a go-to product for dogs, dog beds can be both simple or fancy, both expensive or homemade, or just everything in-between as hell. How do you select the right bed for your dogs when there are so many options available on the market? Does he really need a dog bed? Should you spend a big buck as your dog is just as comfortable lying with you in your own bed or even on the couch only? Look at the top 5 of the best sofas for dogs followed by plenty of helpful information for your own answers!


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Top 5 best sofas for dogs in winter days

Top 1: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed Sofa 

Plus points:

  • Pet-friendly design: Some people think that there is no need to waste money buying another sofa for their pets. Of course, undoubtedly, a dog can lay on a sofa specifically used for humans, that is true, but not just enough! Dog’s sofa provides additional high-loft cushion support for head resters and cozy nestling nooks for burrowers as well, making your dogs as satisfied as much. And this product can offer such a thing!
  • Perfect sleep surface: Getting home from work after an exhausting day, you wanna lay down as soon as possible, no matter what the place is. If it is a sofa, okay; if not a sofa, any place that you can quickly lay on, that’s inevitably comfortable too. However, dogs are not really easy to feel satisfied like you, they need a sleep surface that is soft-to-touch to snuggle into right away. And here you are!
  • Various types: Being afraid that the sofa will take up much room in your narrow apartment? From now on, you can be free from that concern, as the bed comes in flexibly small, medium, large sizes so that you can easily pick the best suitable one for your little dog. Money-consuming? No problem anymore, too!
  • Machine-washable: A good dog’s sofa features an easy-to-wash bed cover, which means you don’t need to care much about time and effort whenever needing a wash. No one probably wants the struggle with the bed cover to take your spare time for rest and entertainment. If so, this can be convenient.

Minus point:

  • The product is not recommended for dogs with excessive teething or destructive chewing as well.

Top 2: Furhaven Pet – Orthopedic Ultra Plush Faux Fur Dog Bed

Plus points:

  • Comfortable: Dogs are able to sacrifice their chewing instincts for the recovery of healthy teeth, they also can compromise their gourmet food for a fitter body, but they generally cannot fall asleep if you deprive them of a congenial place, including a sofa. This product plays a key role in soothing your best friend’s sleep and prepares him well for fatigued training the next day.
  • Dog-suitable design: Life is so mundane and repetitive with a work circle, right? I used to be too obsessed with the tight-air office and a solitude room alternatively until I had a small dog around. For that reason, I wish him to be as much as suitable by giving him a specific design for a wear-and-tear sofa.
  • Customer assurance: The product comes with 90-day coverage against material defects, so if you accidentally find any problem arising with the sofa, feel free to contact the customer service hotline and comfortably wait for good news back.

Minus point:

  • The product is not for large dogs, honestly, so if you have a big pet, be careful purchasing the sofa or your money will be thrown away needlessly.  

Top 3: Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed

Plus points:

  • Washable: In the event that you indeliberately get the special flannel shirt that simply cannot wash multiple times, what do you do with it? Keep wearing it once and for all, or blame yourself for not being conscious enough? For whatever you choose, you will be feeling bad, anyway. A sofa for a dog is also the same. Not to be in the dilemma of keeping or discarding the item away, you need a washable for your baby dog! That calls for this product.
  • Compact and useful: I once thought that the larger the sofa, the better dogs will feel. That is absolutely mistaken since dogs basically prefer a place to fit them well more than a spot they cannot feel cozy and safe simultaneously. The product comes in a compact shape and useful design, especially compatible with small puppies, making your little friend feel at home even in the dream of being far away.
  • Prominent materials: With guaranteed materials selected for the standardized production of dog sofa, the product features durability and comfort at the same time, ensuring a long lifespan even if you cannot make time caring for it at a high regularity.

Minus point:

  • If you are willing to pay a higher price for a product the same as some of the more affordable bed dogs, there you go!

Top 4: Keet Fluffly Deluxe Pet Bed, Sofa Charcoal, Small

Plus points:

  • Soft and safe: Canine loves rolling on your body, being cuddled properly, and teases you even if you are not in the mood as that is what they are meant for. That’s so adorable! However, the bottom line is that most of them still secretly wish to play on a soft and smooth bed, for sure, to avoid being hurt. If you don’t wanna see the prospect of you two aggressively destroying a bed after a session of training or a set of playings- which will possibly happen if not being careful, chances are you will keep this product in mind.
  • Better sleep and rest: Saying goodbye to us after a couple of hours of being hyperactive, dogs will soon fall asleep and the only thing they need at the time is a comfortable place, not any food treat, or unnecessary games indeed. How about a product that is literally made from sleep-beneficial materials? That will be an impeccable choice for resting and recovering from exhaustion.
  • Vary in sizes: “Ting-ting…”. After days of longing for, the sound of a mobile app informing that the first salary has come, and you excitedly come to the pet store for getting home an oversized dog sofa subliminally. That is absolutely a waste of money for carelessness. Aside from contacting the store right away then waiting for a replacement, there seems to be no way around it. To avoid such a nuisance like that, be mindful of choosing a free-size product for your little friend for not being regretted later on. Here it is!

Minus point:

  • Unfortunately, the machine-washable cushion cover appears not to hold up to it being washed. 

Top 5: Furhaven Pet – Orthopedic Quilted Traditional Sofa

Plus points:

  • Large and comfortable: This super cozy bed is designed for pets of all ages, especially dogs to chill out with. Just imagine a cozy and desirable atmosphere when you are attentively watching Netflix, your little dog is enjoying its daily treat deliciously, and… all of a sudden, he jumps to your thighs and starts off showing affection towards you by rubbing his head on yours. Hmm, just one word for a feeling description: “perfect”!
  • Bolster design: The fluffy-filled bolsters are not only lightweight but supportive also. I love the three-sided design that ensures multiple high-loft headrest cushions, giving more options for dogs to snuggle into. Looking at your little pet cherishing the best moments of the day, our fatigue and life pressure seem to have never existed, right?

Minus point:

  • If you assume you are going to receive exactly the size as advertised, you will soon get disappointed when the product arrives. Practically seeing, it will be a bit smaller.

Why do you need the best sofas for dogs?

Help to deter behavioral issues:

Even though it seems cute and adorable to have your dog lying beside you all the time, it should be noted that this is not always a good idea. Probably your dog is as sweet and affectionate as you think he or she might be, but finally, you’ll realize that the main reason why your dog is lying in your bed is for the fact that he supposes it is the most comfortable place for him to rest. It won’t take long as expected until he takes over your bed entirely and no room left there for you. Buying a sofa specifically for dogs is indispensable if you wanna avoid such a circumstance.

Benefit your dog’s health:

Your dog needs unlimited belly rubs and treats in the event that he is a good boy. What he doesn’t deserve, nevertheless, is a makeshift bed out of old blankets or sometimes deformed pillows. In fact, a hard or uneven surface and inconvenient sleeping position lead to erratic sleep, making your dog irritable and lackadaisical. Take note of how lack of sleep can substantially affect his overall well-being as well as posture. If you have a senior or overweight dog, an orthopedic bed is much advised for such. Senior dogs particularly have weaker joints; their physique causes them to suffer from pain if they lie on a less convenient bed.

Keep warm for dogs:

The lovely jacket you got for your friend won’t suffice against the bitterness of winter as sure as hell. Your dog needs a warm bed so he can stay snug as a bug during chilly nights. Sleeping on the floor gets your dog exposed to temperatures that are either higher or lower than what is ideal for him: falling ill as a consequence. Dogs are highly vulnerable to temperature change; thus, they need proper insulation for the best comfort. A self-warming dog bed is perfect to keep your dog safe and toasty during extreme weather, but it is best to give him an electric-heated dog sofa during the extremes of winter in months to come. In the meanwhile, a cooling bed can keep him fresh and invigorated during hot climates for sure.

FAQs about the best sofa for dogs

What color should you choose for dog sofas?

In the case that your pet is allowed up and around your furniture, you may want to take the color of their coat into consideration, as there will surely be some loose hairs clinging to your cushions. Keep in mind that light-colored fur likely will show up clearly against a very dark sofa, and the same for dark fur if looking at the side of a light sofa, so you should aim to coordinate the shades to lessen the visual impact. This match doesn’t have to be exact — you should consider the color of your decoration— but sticking to the same general shade generally helps to make those hairs less striking. 

What size of sofa do you need for a dog?

If you’ve got a big dog or even a small one if you want a lot of space — it’s worth considering a larger sofa to accommodate you both. A three- or four-seater sofa should be the best choice for you, or even a corner sofa if you wish your pet to have its own spot eventually. Choosing the wrong size not only affects dogs’ experience in the long run but also pushes you away from your pets. 

How to protect the sofa for dogs?

One of the best solutions to keep your furniture in robust condition when your pet is around is by covering it up all the time. Although this may sound counterproductive as you’ve just spent a big buck on a beautiful new sofa or chair, you are able to always take the cover when you have guests coming around or when your pet is enjoying dinners somewhere else. By putting a thin layer between your pet and your sofa, you are keeping it from claws, fur, and things that might cause damage!

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