Best tear stain removers for dogs – Detailed reviews

A range of snow-white poodles is so adorable but they would be even cuter if there are no reddish-brown streaks under their dreamy eyes. Scientifically speaking, dog eye discharge and tear staining are very typical problems, and luckily, there is always a variety of solutions for that, including the best tear stain removers for dogs. Take a look at some of them before getting one for your little canine. 


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Top 5 best tear stain removers for dogs

Top 1: Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover

Plus points:

  • Strong and effective: There comes a time one cries but two are both upset. That doesn’t exaggerate any romantic relationship, I literally refer to it as the bonding between humans and dogs because the remainder of their tears generally makes us emotional too. In those cases, this stain remover is extremely effective in cleaning the face of your little friend by gently removing every stain-causing particle from the fur around their eyes.
  • Natural ingredients: As a dog keeper, I cannot compulsively choose any product advertised, because my priority is always natural-related ingredients for the long-term development of my puppy. I got this product for that reason, it is free from fragrance, colorants, and harsh chemicals as well. Dog’s eyes are really vulnerable, if not carefully selected, those ingredients surely do harm more than good.
  • Gentle: Dogs are infatuated with something gentle, something adorable and themselves are also super cute as such. This tear stain remover tenderly changes the world around them with eye-protective substances, making the surroundings easy on the eyes.

Minus point:

  • As efficient as it appears, its price is far higher than that of many other brands. 

Top 2: Squishface Wrinkle Paste and Cleans Wrinkles

Plus points:

  • Work efficiently: With all the high-quality ingredients, the wipes are effective in removing tear stains as well as leaky discharge. The first time I used the product, my dog showed great affection for it by wagging the tail so that I would treat them more and more for the next time. That is perhaps the most powerful testimony to the efficiency of this.
  • Easy to use: Some of my friends tease me for taking care of dogs and they suppose that I cannot be devotedly responsible for every distressed day of this animal. Though I am kinda clumsy, at first it might be also struggling a lot to care for my puppy, and occasionally I still needed my mom’s assistance, since using this tear stain remover, I can myself learn how to look after a little creature step by step. It is actually user-friendly, and I bet you also love it.
  • Healthy for dogs: If your dog is somehow susceptible to allergies, chances are you cannot underestimate the great importance of choosing a tear stain remover so as to soothe him best when it comes to handling the stain around his eyes. Being free from harmful chemicals, this product can help you out a whole lot if used appropriately.

Minus point:

  • The product at times comes out as a hard paste but sometimes it looks like oil, this may be due to the imbalance of content inside the tube.

Top 3: Squishface Tear Stain Paste and Cleans Dog Tear Stains

Plus points:

  • Great for long hair: I consider myself weird on so many levels. Every once in a while, I feel like the fluffy hair of my dog so much that I take advantage of it by rubbing my face into that smooth cloud frequently, but from time to time, I wish it would be a bit shorter for easier cleaning and stain removing though. Fortunately, finally, this product comes as a solution for me, in the sense that I no longer have to stress me out whenever taking care of my little dog anymore, leading to more time to play with him.
  • Fast-acting result: Not many affordable removers take effect rapidly the same as this one. Many people are able to see a substantial improvement within a few days of consistent daily use due to great effectiveness exactly as described by the manufacturer. However, it is still advisable that you apply it for up to 10 days for sustainable results. I also followed the rule of thumb and the process turned out to be beyond the wildest dream of mine.
  • Widely applicable: Never does a buyer wanna throw money away by mistakenly choosing the wrong product that dogs generally cannot adopt, and of course, so do you. A highly-applicable tear stain remover plays a key role in making improvements for various types of dogs of all ages, helping you to save much money but still ensure productivity as such.

Minus point:

  • Some of its ingredients are kinda sensitive to several types of dogs, so you better keep it away from the dog’s mouth. 

Top 4: Petpost | Tear Stain Remover Wipes

Plus points:

  • Specifically for white dogs: Your puppy is adorable for its white hair and you don’t want any substance to adversely influence it, right? If I were you, I would consider this stain remover, as it is specifically formulated for such a circumstance since it safely eliminates the existence of yellowing stains and dingy fur, leading your pet’s to a natural bright white coat that is as eye-catching as such.
  • Long-lasting fragrance: Being a VIP friend who is basically accessible to any corner of multiple rooms in the house, your canine should be a bit impressive with a long-lasting fragrance. By using this product, not only is your little dog free from stains but also makes a great impression with your guests coming around.

Minus point:

  • Honestly speaking of the use, it does clean the eyes well, but hardly enough to make any improvement on tear stain. 

Top 5: Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes for Dogs

Plus points:

  • Relieve eye-related issues: Have you ever noticed your dogs crying? In the life of a dog, it does cry many times, due to a host of different reasons, but generally, those come down to eye irritations and itching in pets. Addressing the problem by applying this gentle remover daily, you will soon see some positive changes for sure, I bet.
  • Simple to use: Taking care of pets is not that exceptionally easy and also requires knowledge associated with specific types. You sometimes even have to sit up all night finding the factors causing them to be unhealthy, and this takes a great deal of time and effort too. However, that is never the reason I give up on such a lovely creature like a dog. When it comes to this product, I am more relieved since it is 100% user-friendly, even for the first time of use.

Minus point:

  • Every detail would be greatly more perfect if the product took effect faster. 

How to choose the best tear stain remover for dogs?


  • Liquid: The most well-known formula is liquid removers. They’re really easy to use but can make a mess when applying. You have to use the remover to a cloth, tissue, or even sometimes a cotton pad to smooth it over the tear stains for sure. Liquid removers are generally the most concentrated, thus, you don’t have to use so much just to see obvious results.
  • Paste: This type is not as messy to use as liquid formulas in the sense that the paste doesn’t drip. Nevertheless, they can be tough to spread, which can make using them on a squirming dog an obstacle. Paste removers are great for dogs with vulnerable or irritated skin, and they work best if your pooch has facial folds such as a shar-pei or bulldog as well.
  • Powder: This type basically isn’t as effective as a liquid or paste formulas as listed above. They can particularly enhance the performance of other stain removers as used together, though. Powder tear stain removers are perfectly good at the prevention of future stains since they aid in reducing moisture around your dog’s eyes.
  • Wipes: Wipes are by far considered to be the easiest type of stain remover to apply. They’re disposable cotton squares as well as pads that are easily saturated with a liquid formula. Wipes may not be as efficient as liquid or paste removers, thus, you often have to use two or sometimes even more wipes to remove stains as wished. 


Ingredients: You all the time want to check the ingredient list for a dog tear stain remover to be able to make sure that it is inclusive of effective stain-removing ingredients that will be unable to irritate your dog’s eyes or skin. There are a couple of ideal ingredients to look for:

  • Water: Water is often applied as a base for dog tear stain removers surely.
  • Minerals: Minerals are a soft natural ingredient that is able to remove stains.
  • Boric acid: Boric acid is an antiseptic that won’t ever make your dog’s eyes irritated. 
  • Plant-based oils: Plant-based oils generally soothe your dog’s skin as well as condition his coat.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is known to make the remover easier to use and loosen any dried residue beneath any dog’s eyes.

Best tear stain removers for dogs FAQs:

What causes tear stains around dogs’ eyes?

Excessive tearing for a long time can occur as a consequence of irritation to your dog’s eyes or in the sense that your dog’s tears are not draining appropriately. Just as your eye waters when a speck of dust unintentionally blows into it, dogs’ eyes will automatically make tears as they are irritated to flush away harmful substances. When the eyes are continuously irritated, this can result in chronic tearing producing stains. Conditions that may irritate the eye are inclusive of dog eye infections, glaucoma, eyelash or even sometimes eyelid problems, and corneal ulcers/scratch to the surface of dogs’ eyes too. In a normal eye, several small holes can drain tears away from the eye as well as down the throat. A vast variety of dog eye problems affects this drainage, leading to excessively watery eyes.

Which types of dogs are more sensitive to dog eye discharge as well as tear stains?

Irrespective of breed, white dogs are more inclined to contain tear staining on their faces, as the pigments in tears can easily dye light-colored fur for sure. Dogs with long hair on their faces might be more susceptible to excessive tearing too. Other than that, short-nosed dog breeds, such as Shih-tzu, or Pekingese, and pug, are demonstrated to be prone to excessive tearing since they often have shallow eye sockets or even hair growth in skin folds around the eyes causing such issues. Also, cocker spaniels, as well as poodles, are more likely than many other types of dogs to have blocked tear ducts as such. 

Can the problem that causes dog eye stains to be completely treated?

It is all dependent on the condition resulting in excessive tearing. There is no obvious way to deter dog eye discharge on account of shallow eye sockets, thus, the goal, in this case, is to minimize skin irritation as well as coat discoloration. If your dog’s tear stains are more and more visible as their eyes are always irritated, it is suggested that eliminating the source of irritation will be helpful. This might be inclusive of keeping hair near the eyes trimmed so short and/ or treating infection, glaucoma if any. There are also several surgical options for certain eyelid or eyelash issues that can restore normal tear drainage and simultaneously eliminate overflow onto the face that may somehow address the problem as such. 

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