The best teething toys for dogs to chew – Are those really worth money?

Puppies are believed to enthusiastically explore the world through their mouths, for the most part, so they’ll easily chew anything they can be able to sink their teeth into right away. By giving them toys to intentionally indulge their teething instincts, you’re more liable to spare your shoes and socks from destruction by those little dogs, or simply help them to kill time being alone. However, it is still unknown that you should buy one from what website, what brand, and how to choose the right one in the end? Here are some of the best teething toys for dogs to consider!


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Top 5 the best teething toys for dogs

Top 1: Petstages Dogwood Wood Stick Small

Plus points:

  • Like real wood: The distance between real and fake wood is just like a thread if we choose the right product. Made in the USA from a blend of natural wood fiber and safer synthetic materials, if your dog could speak human language, it would excitedly scream out with joy and some words surely getting you happy for the whole day.
  • Encourage positive chew: From the days I was super small, around 8 or 9 years old, every time giving the little dog something to chew on, mom said that chew behavior was substantially meaningful to dogs as it would provide a great outlet for teething and encourage healthier outlets for dogs to satisfy their natural instinct. Nothing is sadder than having no chance of living with our own ego. Not until I started off owning my dog did I feel she was right!
  • Safe: Have you ever wondered why there are many tree branches available but this industry avoids cutting down on making teething toys? Is it expensive? Or is it harmful to dogs and not that necessary to destroy trees? The reasons lie in the latter question above. Real branches can splinter and cause oral as well as intestinal damage in dogs preferring chewing. Furthermore, humans are conscious enough not to sacrifice trees – their lives – to make toys only! I guess none of us will buy such a product stemming from real trees, too!

Minus point:

  • The product itself is not really durable, meaning that if you have a large dog and constantly fancy chewing, chances are it will be out of work soon.

Top 2: Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Plus points:

  • Easy to pick up and chew: Many dogs struggle very hard to keep the toy immovable, and that causes them to soon get bored of the teething toy. If that happens, the patience test fails from the very first step and you don’t help your four-legged friend feel any better. This product will be a perfect replacement for those aforementioned, as it helps your dog easily to pick up and chew until boredom itself comes and kicks him out of the game persuasively.
  • Safe to use: Nobody loves an unexpected trip to the dentist, whether that appointment is made for you or your little friend, it is both undesirable. This toy is able to assist you with that circumstance by deterring it from actually occurring. The toy is 100% safe for chewing, even when you foresee some potential of your dogs being hurt, it is all illusional. In place of playing with him all the spare time, I can now manage to take time for my children, as I know, he will be truly safe and sound without me around the clock.

Minus point:

  • No aroma for scent-cheering dogs to feel, and that is the only downside.

Top 3: N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Chicken Flavor

Plus points:

  • Relieve pain: For many people living in rural areas, there come more advantages as dogs easily can find a real tree brand around and play with it all day. That initially seems to be so economically ideal, but it causes pain! Actually, when your dog chews the real wood, it cannot control the force and then may lead itself to be injured. By using this artificial wood, you can give him a little more safety! Believe me, it really works!
  • Chicken-flavored: Individually speaking of my experience, some dogs love to chew flavored wood, especially puppies, as they give them more happy moments, sometimes real food cannot bring. In the case that your little one belongs to the minority above, probably you should consider this chicken-flavored toy, since it sounds a bit weird, right, but it actually is what dogs are into!
  • Suitable for brain development: I oppose the idea of jokes that take dogs as examples of idiots because practically sharing, many dogs are even so smart that they are designated to fulfill very important tasks, you can imagine? Perhaps many of us want our four-legged friend to do something meaningful later on in his life, if considering yourself so, this product is greatly compatible with yours! DHA Omega 3 in teething rings aid in brain development for your puppy to soon turn into a healthy adult dog as expected.

Minus point:

  • Though not reported officially by the manufacturer, the product is supposed to cause diarrhea to some dogs if swallowing.  

Top 4: Nylon Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Plus points:

  • Durable: Aside from being a human’s best friend, dogs are generally scary when they are aggressive and certainly can put great force in the toy if wanted. How to avoid the product being destroyed from the very first time of use? Here is a viable solution, the toy can withstand even the hardest chewers.
  • Keep boredom away: You are snowed under with tons of work, you have your personal life to live, you cannot take care of your little friend from dusk till dawn, that is an inevitable fact! Don’t assume that your dog will find any solitude, as he will have been familiar with playing with this gorilla-shaped toy and got distracted for hours on end until you get home! I was once afraid of him being oblivious of me, yet, fortunately, that eventually did not happen since we have great indestructible bonding!
  • Freshen breath: Designed to help your dog’s breath fresher, this teething toy stimulates gums, and simultaneously reduces tartar and plaque, giving him back a bacteria-free breath for you both to get closer at home.

Minus point:

  • The teething toy is a bit larger for small dogs, so if you have any intention of getting one for your puppy, it is not actually a good fit, honestly. 

Top 5: Nylabone Power Chew Flavored Textured Dog Chew Bone

Plus points:

  • Fun and occupying: Dogs love fun and being occupied, obviously. That is the reason why he always licks your legs, plays around your body, and waits for something like a sudden hug or cuddling in turn. Unfortunately, we all have work commitments, meaning that he occasionally cannot be taken care of at any time. I found my own solution that may be a not-too-bad option for you also. Our dogs will have more time playing on their own with a teething toy surrounding them all day long.
  • Promote dental health: It is as clear as day that dogs’ teeth are sharp and if being bitten, you suffer from a severe injury for so many days. However, the fact that they are being lavished to a great extent making them have less chance of practicing their inherent skills. Let your friend do wonders for his dental health by giving him this teething toy. I am sure you will see obvious results after several weeks.
  • Suitable for almost all types: Different dogs have unrelated chewing styles and strengths for sure, even within the same breed. However, when it comes to this product, you don’t have to mind such a thing as it works for almost all dog types effectively!

Minus point:

  • If you intend to have a long-lasting bone, this one might get you disappointed somehow. 

Important factors to consider

You better keep these key points in mind when choosing the best teething toys for dogs to play with:

Pick a toy specifically designed for dogs

Avoid or change any toys that aren’t “dog-proof” by carefully removing ribbons, strings, plastic eyes, or any other parts that can be chewed off or ingested by your puppies. Certainly, sharp, hard, or long fabrics that could be ingested can all the time be dangerous and not recommended for use. 

Choose the right size for dogs to chill out

You need to make sure that you buy toys of appropriate size for your dog. Teething toys that are too small can effortlessly be swallowed or get lodged in your dog’s throat. There are multiple sizes for consideration, so be mindful of the actual size that your friends need. 

You also should pick a toy that matches your dog’s play and chew strength

Aggressive dogs might need tougher teething toys. Hyperactive dogs can get benefits from chew toys that hide treats for dogs to puzzle out so as to be rewarded later. If you’re considering giving your dog rawhide teething toys, you need to be sure to check with your veterinarian about which ones are actually safe and really appropriate for your dog. These toys may potentially pose choking hazards, so give them to your dog when you can be around them. 

The best teething toys for dogs FAQs:

Is it necessary to keep the teething toy cool?

Alright, you should keep it cool, but not cold. While a cool teething ring can relieve your baby somewhat, a teething ring that is frozen or too cold tends to be too hard for your little one’s gums at any point of use. According to the AAP, frozen teething rings basically pose several certain hazards occasionally, and they also may bruise your baby’s sensitive gums. Instead of that, it is advisable that you place the ring in the refrigerator to make it cool prior to giving it to your baby to get boredom away. 

How should you clean the silicone teething toy?

If the teething toy is not swallowable, you need to clean it frequently. Silicone is antimicrobial. You never should submerge those toys in water or enable them to get super wet for a long time before your dogs play. Just use a damp cloth, and mild dish soap to clean, but also keep this in mind: use sparingly. If the teething toy gets dull over time of use, you may simply rub them easily with a 50/50 mixture of organic beeswax as well as olive oil or coconut oil. Just use your hand to gently wipe on, leave it for a couple of hours until soaked in, and wipe off any excess for the last step. 

Are antlers suitable for being a teething toy for dogs?

Deer antlers are a commonplace pet-store product widely advertised as a safe alternative to other teething toys for your dog to chew. Unfortunately, antlers are generally made of a material similar to bone, and of course, they are as hard as bone. Deer are known to use their antlers to defend themselves as well as battle other bucks, and the hardness makes them indispensable weapons. Likewise, antlers basically contain a soft center similar to a bone marrow cavity that many types of dogs will have access to by chewing up the surrounding bone, perhaps leading to tooth fractures and transparently ingestion of small, hard pieces into their stomach. So, you should be mindful if intending to replace the teething toys. 

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