Add Healthy Protein with Best Wet Dog Foods

Do you usually cook for your dogs? Are you keen on natural recipes and cooking for your dogs? Below recommendations of some canned wet dog food that will help you figure it out without going to the kitchen.

While kibble is so convenient for dog owners, wet food is a great idea for keeping good taste, providing moisture. Furthermore, it has low-carb ingredients that keep your dog in good shape and even satisfy dogs with stomach troubles or food sensitivity. Let us help you to filter out some of the best wet dog foods available in the current market.



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Top 5 Best Wet Dog Food Update 2021

Top 1 Best wet dog food for sensitive stomach, all-breed size Hill’s Prescription Diet Wet Dog Food, Veterinary Diet, Digestive Care, Chicken flavor

Best wet dog food for sensitive stomach, all-breed size

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Brand popularity: This brand is specially designated for dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive problems. Thus, you must submit your vet-verified information and pieces of advice on check-out.

Main ingredients: Chicken, Pork Liver, Carrots, Rice, Rice Starch, Sugar, Water.


Help dogs recover from digestive upset or surgery by the balanced nutrients with electrolytes and vitamin B.

The tissues shall be quickly repaired with the protein and fat richness formula.

Gas control for dog stomach is raised by the mixture of different sources of fiber.

You could also do not have to worry about your dog’s immune system during or after the surgery because of the supplements of the antioxidants.


Give your vets the symptoms of your dogs before procurement proceeding.

Closely follow the feeding instructions and transitions.


Top 2 Best wet dog food, all sizes: Cesar Steak Lovers

Best wet dog food, all sizes

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Brand popularity: Cesar Steak Lovers brings you a very diverse menu with good taste from US beef & chicken as based ingredients. For Steak Lovers, there are 6 different flavors and 36 trays in one pack, each flavor 6 trays.

Main ingredients:

Filet Mignon Flavor, Porterhouse Steak Flavor, Filet Mignon Flavor With Bacon & Potato, Grilled Steak & Eggs Flavor: beef, chicken liver, beef lung, chicken broth, water, and pork by-products.

Prime Rib Flavor: water, chicken, liver, beef, meat by-products, wheat gluten.

Grilled New York Strip Flavor with Vegetables in Sauce:  beef, chicken broth, water, chicken, potato, green beans.


Suitable for all sizes of dogs, especially small breeds.

Cesar Steak Lovers provides a balanced formula of vitamins and minerals, which helps your dogs grow healthily.

This good soft food is well-served in trays, which is very convenient for dog owners. The package is also easy to be used with easy-peel-away seals.

This tasty food also makes the best meal for your friends as a dry food topper.


Recommended transition time is up to 3 weeks. Please follow the instructions and closely watch your dogs during this time.


Top 3 Best wet dog food, all sizes Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

Best wet dog food, all sizes

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Brand popularity: this brand from Purina is formalized with real beef as the first ingredient plus wild-caught salmon will make your dog satisfied with every bite.

Main ingredients: Beef, Beef Broth, Chicken, Liver, Pork Lungs, Salmon.


The high-quality protein with 100% free from poultry by-product meal will help your dog to build strong muscles and thrive.

The coat and skin of your fur-iends will also be smooth, soft, and shiny with the supports from omega fatty acid in natural salmon.

The antioxidants in the formula help to support the immune system.

No corns, wheat, or fillers.


A transition course of 7 – 10 days should be applied to avoid any digestive upset.


Top 4 Best wet dog food for adults, small breed Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Adult Beauty In Gel Canned Dog Food, 5.8 oz Can (Pack of 24)

Best wet dog food for adults, small breed

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Brand popularity: this formula is specially designed for over 10-month-dogs with a small breed (up to 22 lbs.) with sensitive skin.

Main ingredients: pork by-products, chicken, cornmeal, rice flour, vegetable oil, fish oil.


The balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates helps small dogs grow healthily.

The rich-omega 6 fatty acid formula supports your dog’s healthy and shiny skin and coat.

Vitamin B and one amino acid are exclusively blended to reinforce the skin barrier and keep away from being dehydrated.

This food could be served alone or mixed with kibbles.



Unused portions should be kept in the fridge.

A transition course of 7 days should be introduced.


Top 5 Best wet dog food for adult, sensitive stomach & skin Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food 12-Pack

Best wet dog food for adult, sensitive stomach & skin

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Brand popularity: this recipe which is formulated in the USA with global trusted sourced ingredients, is targeted for dogs with sensitive stomach and skin, shall promote the skin and health of your dogs of all breed sizes.

Main ingredients: turkey, salmon, potatoes, carrots, green beans/peas.


The richness of omega 6 fatty acid and vitamin E from salmon shall nourish your dog’s skin and coat.

Made with natural and grain-free ingredients.

The digestive system-friendly ingredients like salmon, chicken, and veggies shall boost your sensitive dogs’ growth and improve the immune system.

Add variety to your dog’s meal with 3 flavors: Tender Turkey and Rice Stew, Chicken and Vegetable Entree, Salmon and Vegetable.


It is not recommended for puppies, pregnant, or nursing dogs.

A transition course of around 7 days should be introduced to your dogs to avoid digestive upset.


Top 6 Best wet dog food for adult Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy  Canned Wet Dog Food, 13.2oz & 22 oz. Cans

Best wet dog food for adult

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Brand popularity: this brand is famous for its delicious gravy cuts from real chickens, turkey or beef and lamb and could be used as a topper to your dog’s favorite kibbles to add variety and mouthwatering food to your dog’s meal.

Main ingredients:

Country stew ingredients: chicken, meat by-products, wheat, pork liver, beef, dehydrated carrots, and dried peas.

Chicken and rice ingredients: chicken, wheat, rice, minerals.


The optimal level of oil and minerals in the food creates a shiny coat and nourished skin for your dogs.

Perfect cuts of real meat in gravy give your dog an irresistible taste of love.

The balanced and complete formula which is proudly crafted in the USA shall support your dog’s healthy growth.


The can could only be used within 3 days after opening.

A little bit of inconvenience is when you have to use a can opener instead of just pulling the rings.


Top 7 Best wet dog food for adult, beef stew flavor Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog Food, 12.5 oz cans (Pack of 12)

Best wet dog food for adult, beef stew flavor

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Brand popularity: BLUE is famous for using real beef as based ingredients and never use wheat as a thickener.

Main ingredients: beef, beef broth, water, dried egg, chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes.


High-quality protein plus complex carbohydrates make your pal feel active and energetic.

No colors, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Grain-free and especially BLUE does not use by-product meals, corn, or wheat.

It could be well-serviced alone or mixed with dry kibbles.


Feeding quantity may vary among individuals or from small breed to larger breed. Please consult your veterinarian if you are unsure.


Top 8 Best wet dog food for puppy Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food, Puppy, 12-Pack

Best wet dog food for puppy

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Brand popularity: this Hill’s Science Diet balanced formula is always the #1 recommendation by veterinary for bringing complete nutrition for your puppy well-growing and overall health.

Main ingredients:

Chicken and Vegetable flavors: real chicken, brown rice, peas, carrots.

Chicken and Barley: real chicken, whole grain corn, cracked pearled barley, soybean meal, pork liver, fish oil.


This recipe is highly recommended for a puppy up to 1-year-old and pregnant or nursing dogs.

DHA from fish oil is really good for puppy healthy brain and eye development.

It delights your puppies with tasty natural ingredients.

Your puppy will grow strong muscles from high-quality protein from this food and develop strong bones with a balanced set of minerals provided.


It is not recommended for adult, mature or overweight dogs.

A transition course of around 7 days with a gradual recommendation of this food will help your puppies to adapt to this food easily.

The feeding amount should be adjusted up to the actual situation of your puppy to avoid overweight.


Top 9 Best wet dog food for puppy Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Dog Food

Best wet dog food for puppy

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Brand popularity: Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy made in the USA will satisfy and keep your best fur-iends grow healthily with an intelligent recipe from lambs, long grain rice, and oatmeal.

Main ingredients: Lamb, Chicken, Liver, Pork Lungs, Sardines, Long Grain Rice, Oat Meal, Carrots.


No fillers, no poultry by-products. Real lamb base and chicken will help your puppy grow strong muscles.

A set of supplements including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants supports puppies’ immune systems.

The omega fatty acid shall boost the puppy healthy and shiny skin and coat.

The richness of carbohydrates from easily-digested sources shall help your puppy be more energetic with their playful activities.

It is very convenient for opening the can just with one finger.


The food is rather drier compared to almost other wet food, thus, please always prepare a clean water pot while feeding your best fur-iends.


Why should buy wet dog food (or canned food)

The first reason is it is more appealing and tasty. People like fresh food and so do our dogs. The wet food contains many fresh flavors because the manufacturers shall not have to use many kinds of different starch or thickening substances.

Secondly, wet food keeps your dog hydrated; the dog’s skin and coat are moistured and nourished. That’s also the reason why wet food is usually served as a topper of kibble. It shall help the dog’s digestive system run smoothly.

Thirdly, wet food provides more high-quality protein to your dogs. While kibbles need more fiber and starch to create the dry form, wet food is usually cooked as gravy. It means there is more fresh meat for your dogs ‘delights.

Last but not least, wet food contains less calorie content per kilogram. That means your dog could eat more without fear of being overweight. Thus, with low-carb ingredients and low-calorie content, wet food is more ideal for feeding your overweight furry friends.


Who should buy wet dog food?

From all the advantages of wet food above, we could see that wet food is suitable for most dog owners.

It could be a topper of kibbles.

It helps overweight dogs to reduce weight.

By the way, dogs’ owners whose dogs are throwing up kibble or having sensitive stomachs should always consider adding wet food to the daily menu.



Is wet dog food more expensive than dry dog food?

Yes, it is. The first reason is that kibble has higher calorie content per weight. Meanwhile, the packaging and store of wet food are also much more complicated. That’s why it is usually costly.


What is the difference between a puppy and a small breed dog?

Puppy normally refers to below 10 month-old dogs with a small breed, 10 – 12 month-old dogs with a medium breed, and up to 15 month-old dogs with a large breed.

Considering small breed dogs, here is the size guide over the weight of the dogs:

  • Small dogs: 2 to 22 pounds
  • Miniature dogs: 3 to 12 pounds
  • Toy dogs: 5 to 12 pounds
  • Teacup dogs: 4 or fewer pounds
  • Medium dogs: 24 to 57 pounds
  • Large dog: 59 to 99 pounds
  • Giant or Extra Large dogs: 100 or more pounds

Miniature dogs, toy dogs, and teacup dogs are the sub-categories of small breed dogs. Normally small breed dogs have heights from 6 – 18 inches. They are being loved by their tiny shape and easy to be cuddled. However, they are normally more aggressive and ready to pick fighters than larger dogs.

Here are some popular small breeds for your choice:

  • Beagle
  • Boston Terrier
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Yorkshire




Wet food is usually costlier, it is tastier and better for the digestive system of a dog. It helps dogs to be hydrated and absorb the nutrition of the food easily. Wet dog food also contains more meat and low-carb ingredients. It gives higher quality protein and supports the growth of dogs the best.

That’s why wet dog food should always be available in the fridge of every dogs’ owner.

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