Let’s discover the best yogurt for dogs with a bunch of options

Does a dog need to use yogurt? Here are some advices for you on the best yogurt for dogs you should know.

Jam-packed with highly nutritious substances like calcium and protein, as well as some probiotics that substantially support digestive health, yogurt is obviously a supplement for your little four-legged friends, aside from the long-lasting use of humans for hundreds of years. It is supposed to offer many health benefits and prevent problems that may cause you to cost an arm and a leg to seek treatment later. Are you generally clueless about this product or still considering what is best for your choice? If so, whatever, you should take a look at the list of the best yogurt for dogs below.”


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Top 5 best yogurt for dogs you should not miss

Top 1: Puppy Scoops Dog Ice Cream Mix

Plus points:

  • Easy to use: You may take a lot of time to gain insights into how the Earth is elliptical, not a circle. You also may need a host of years to figure out how humans love dogs more than any other animals, and in turn, how canines have affections on humans. But, I guess, you just need half a second to eat a cup of yogurt. Especially for dogs, it becomes far easier than ever, he just needs a little bit more water and swallows it delectably.
  • Healthy: Do you generally ask yourself some questions like: “Why do I treat my dogs this product, not that”; or “How do I know if it benefits dogs or it does harm them”. If you do ask yourself as such, you are surely mindful of what goes into the ingredients of a range of yogurt being currently on offer. I just have got to say that this type is 100% safe and healthy for your dogs, because of many nutrients and the like, thus, you can be free from every concern of low quality.
  • Delicious: Honestly, at first, It was kinda weird to choose yogurt for dogs- I thought so, as I believed yogurt is just specifically made for human beings only. However, after my buddies also did the same thing and some even said that yogurt was extremely scrumptious for dogs and most dogs loved it, I confidently use it frequently for dogs, not only because it is healthy but also a delicious treat for canines.

Minus point:

  • When freezing it with water and letting it melt, it’s more like a slushy than ice cream, honestly sharing.

Top 2: Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Greek Non-Fat Plain Yogurt

Plus points:

  • A richness of protein and calcium: Protein, as well as calcium, is not just healthily advantageous for us but also plays a vital part in the development and protection of bone in dogs. The richness of protein and calcium content in this product leads your dogs to a better body, a younger mind, and a funnier life also. Let’s grasp the opportunity to treat your babies with such a bargain.
  • No sugar added: If there is anybody who is in need of “sugar” every day, that is a couple being in love with each other because, generally, “sugar” helps strengthen a robust romantic relationship. However, dogs are not those, they need fresh and less sugar for the long-term development of their physical and mental health only. No sugar added in this yogurt literally means so!
  • Great source of probiotics: In the case that you wish your little dog to have a strong digestive system, a cup of yogurt like this is indispensable. Containing plenty of probiotics, this product aids dogs in sustaining good bacteria in their gut if used too many antibiotics before.

Minus point:

  • It seems to mute the flavor of desserts and yogurt parfaits, and this disappoints me to some degree. 

Top 3: Hill’s Dog Treats Soft Savories

Plus points:

  • Chicken-flavored: It sounds a bit bizarre when chicken is the main flavor of yogurt. But it is just weird with humans, dogs and we have different tastes in food, and of course, if we love the very difficult-to-understand products every day, dogs also have their own preferences. Chicken-flavored yogurt is a delicious gift for your dogs after a long day of training or playing!
  • Mouth-watering: To be more specific of how it tastes, in another life, if I were a canine, I would probably answer it. I am, for now, a human like you, so the way my dogs eat it tastily is the biggest testimony to the quality of the product.
  • No harm: No artificially preserved substance that may cause your dogs to be unhealthy is added. The manufacturer gets that making a bit more profit but losing their inherent prestige is such a shame and not worth doing so anyway. Thus, don’t worry about the product, it is just as fresh and healthy as what you always wish to treat your babies.

Minus point:

  • The yogurt is not as soft as advertised, practically, if your dogs get any trouble with hard treats while eating, this is not such a trade-off that you should make.

Top 4: Hollywood Stars Dog Treats Yogurt Flavor

Plus points:

  • Prominent ingredient: Formulating to serve every taste of different dogs, the product is proud to be available all year round, and whenever new goods appear, it sells like hotcakes. I typically do care much about what really goes into the ingredient, as I am aware that a mistaken moment of choice can lead my dogs to allergies or unhealthy conditions in the long run.
  • Softer, tender, and chewy: No reason is given for not having this product, as it is even softer and more tender than baby skin. Particularly, looking at your dogs happily chewing the yogurt gives you a sense of love, a bunch of happiness, and a lot of content.
  • Rich protein: Dogs are born to be hyperactive all day long, just until they cannot be active anymore. However, there comes a time when you see your little puppy being indolent and slothful, which may come down to the shortage of protein, resulting in the dysfunction of bone and muscles. That is time you should consider buying this product, since it contains a high content of protein, directly benefiting your dogs and fighting back health-related problems.

Minus point:

  • The yogurt here is far more expensive than the same product offered at any grocery store. 

Top 5: NUTRO Mini Bites Dog Treats

Plus points:

  • Nutritional: More healthy minerals and trace nutrients are always preferable when it comes to dog treats, and this yogurt is not an exception also. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with loads of beneficial nutrients included, but generally, no one can deny the advantage of getting your dog’s nutritional care holistically.
  • Real chicken: If your little canine is a big fan of chicken-flavored food, why don’t you soothe him with real chicken yogurt for a whole day being energetic and vigorous? Not to mention the high-quality addition of chicken, the flavor itself attracts your dog greatly already.
  • Safe for use: Made with non-genetically-modified-organism elements, no preservatives or artificial colors are introduced, meaning that, just with a little money paid, you get a real supplement that keeps your dogs safe from every risk of unhealthy treats.

Minus point:

  • The smell alone can get on your nerves whenever feeding your canine. 

Why do you need to buy yogurt for dogs?

Yogurt for sick dogs:

Yogurt is considered an ancient wonder food that is antibacterial and anticancer too. It is often applied to restore health to dogs who have not been in good health. For instance, if your dog has lately been treated with antibiotics, yogurt can aid in restoring the healthy bacteria in his stomach as well as intestines, and it will then enhance his immunity to further infections. Such a simple measure, but oh, so efficient! Yogurt has been widely used to fight nasty unhealthy germs like Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus as well. Yogurt also contains lots of “friendly” bacteria, probiotics, keeping the digestive tract working well almost all the time. 

Yogurt as a dog supplement for long-term usage:

Supporting your dog’s diet with a tablespoon or just two plain yogurts are affordable and easy to do. Many people often do this with a couple of other foods and the dog loves it!

There are several times when your dogs should receive probiotics or yogurt supplement daily for a variety of possible health problems such as digestive upsets, diarrhea, deworming, after being given birth, and during periods of stress too.

Yogurt coating specifically for homemade dog treats also:

For special occasion treats dog keepers every once in a while use a yogurt coating in place of sweeter sugary candy coatings. This is basically not meant to be a healthy dog supplement at all. It cannot take the very essential place of healthy plain yogurt or a probiotics supplement in every diet of your pets. Commercial yogurt coating contains sugar- a plausible reason to apply it softly when thinking of it as an icing or frosting for dog treats.

Because dogs’ teeth are not as vulnerable to sugar as ours, you can be able to use sugar every now and then as a treat, but it should never be a regular part of your dog’s diet.

Best yogurt for dogs FAQs:

How much should you treat your dog every day?

If it’s fundamentally safe for your dog to eat yogurt then you can apply the following as suggested rule of thumb. For small dogs, if possible, give around 1 tablespoon of yogurt per day for the best result. For other large dogs, it is advisable to have an amount of around 2 or 3 tablespoons per day. In the event that this is the first time you are introducing yogurt to your canine, there is a high likelihood that you may want to commence with giving a small amount to test the waters first. 

Can you give your dog yogurt when he is having diarrhea?

Surely, yogurt is 100% safe as far as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant and is carefully fed in moderation. In some general situations, plain yogurt may be a better alternative owing to the fact that it is known for containing a significant level of healthy bacteria as well as properties that help fight off infections for very high effectiveness. Again, it is highly recommended that you consult with your vet first prior to making any changes to your dog’s diet not to get bad more than good news later. If you do go ahead with treating your dog yogurt again after diarrhea, you should make sure it is absolutely sugar-free, plain-flavored, and fat-free as well.

What are the differences between Greek yogurt and the regular one?

Regular and Greek yogurt are known to be kinda versatile. While both can be either consumed alone or mixed with fruit, nuts, or granola; they’re applied separately in recipes.

For example, due to its thickness, Greek yogurt is a typical ingredient in dips as well as sauces, like tzatziki, which has long been a staple in Greek cuisine. In addition, you can use it as a replacement for mayonnaise, sour cream, and buttermilk in almost all recipes, even though it is liable to curdle at high temperatures. Its texture makes it ideal for baking, particularly when you want a moist, dense texture, too. In contrast, regular yogurt is typically used in smoothies, dressings, and some other viscous dishes. For instance, you can make a delicious marinade by gently mixing it with lemon juice and spices as well.

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