Top 5 Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs are nearly able to digest almost everything, even a toilet paper roll, while, others are not able to digest certain kinds of food. Those dogs are dogs with sensitivities. Common sensitive stomach situations are vomiting, loose stools, and flatulence. If those symptoms are severe, call your vets immediately because it could be signs … Read more

Best Dog Food For PITBULLS You Should Know

Best Dog Food for pitbull

When choosing food for pit bulls, the most important factor is protein. A protein-rich formula will help to fuel pit bull’s strong body mass and their active life. Besides, healthy fat for promoting their skin is also very important because this breed is more prone to allergies. With all those characteristics, pit bulls need special … Read more

Best Dog Food for Huskies You Should Not Miss Update 2021

best dog foods for huskies

With a thick coat for protecting them from the cold and an endurable medium-sized body, they are very friendly, fastidious, and dignified dogs. The female weight normally ranges from 35 – 50 pounds and the male normally ranges from 45 – 60 pounds. Thus, with all those characters, our cool mates need a quite high protein … Read more

Add Healthy Protein with Best Wet Dog Foods


Do you usually cook for your dogs? Are you keen on natural recipes and cooking for your dogs? Below recommendations of some canned wet dog food that will help you figure it out without going to the kitchen. While kibble is so convenient for dog owners, wet food is a great idea for keeping good … Read more

Best Cheap Dog Food Eating Healthy with a Low Budget


Sometimes “cheap” does not mean bad quality. Here we are filtering some quite affordable dog food that still could give a complete nutrient profile for your dog’s daily requirements. So let scroll down to see the best cheap dog foods but healthy enough for dogs in the current competitive dog food market.   Related: ==> … Read more